Email To Sms And The Future Of Mobile Marketing

.tags Marketers are always looking for innovative ways to reach across to customers. In these times when the target audience is on the move, a tool like email to SMS has proved to be a boon for them as it enables them to reach their customers at very little cost.

So how does the concept of email to SMS marketing actually work? Well, a transcription of the emails that would have been sent to the customer are converted into a form that can be sent to the mobile of the customer. Since this can be sent at any time, it provides tremendous flexibility as well as control over what they wish to inform their customers about and when they would choose to do it. They can thus let their customer database know about exciting offers and promotions any time they wish to and at a cost that is quite reasonable.

There are many businesses that can benefit from this email to SMS marketing concept. Typically companies whose employees are mobile would benefit from this. Skilled workmen like electricians, contractors, plumbers and many others can be contacted immediately and they do not have to stay glued to their computers to know of jobs they are wanted for. This would also mean that those without any access to computers can also be contacted at any time which is great for their business.

Though it is quite early to pronounce the death of email marketing, this form of SMS marketing does take care of the some of the shortfall in the email system of marketing. For one, businesses have to rely on the fact that customers read their email (which most don’t), this is offset to some extent by sending SMS as this would at least get noticed and in most cases be read by the customers.

In fact a study conducted recently by the Direct Marketing Association revealed that only about 46 per cent of advertising and marketing professionals could track the entire cycle of customer behaviour and response starting from the moment they send the email to the actual purchase. This is where a concept of email to SMS can help if it can be combined with effective monitoring mechanisms.

Like it was followed in email marketing, the marketers would not want to flood the customers with multiple messages. The material sent out has to be specific and should not be flippant. If customers are to respond favourably by taking the time out of their busy schedule to read these messages, they need to be really good and relevant to their needs.

Marketing companies will thus find this concept of email to SMS marketing a very useful tool to reach their target audience if they can use it judiciously and develop adequate tracking procedures.