Email Marketing Tips for People Who Don’t Know Where and How to Start their Marketing Campaign


In email marketing, respect and a good communication between you and your subscribers must be on top of your priority list. Don’t think of it as just a mere strategy rather a personal endeavor that you must conduct with much care and professionalism. Email marketing is dubbed as the most personal advertising in the history. Here are some core practices that everyone must follow.

1. Get Permission. Email Marketing must always be permission-based. Otherwise, you’re disrespecting your clients’ space and freedom. Although email is a powerful tool, it can also be a dangerous medium of communication if you don’t do it properly. You can achieve failure and bad advertising very fast in the internet marketing world. Without permission, you are also in danger of getting labeled as spam and thus, your emails will never reach the inbox as spam filters will immediately can you.

A good way to get your potential clients’ permission is by offering something of value. For example, you can give special discounts or useful information in exchange for their agreeing to receive regular emails from you. Don’t forget to include an unsubscribe link so they could opt out of the email marketing list anytime they wish to.

2. Create a Targeted Mailing List.

The first step to creating targeted email marketing is list is to start with your family and friends. These are self-screed database of prospects and they are your best customers as they are your biggest fans. You can also ask people you meet in trade shows or other events related to your business. You may ask them if they want to get some useful tips every few weeks on how to improve their business and the likes.

3. Be persistent

Acknowledge that it does take a lot of time and effort to build customer relationship. It approximately takes 20 emails before you can make an impression amongst your readers. Having said this, sending email marketing emails to your clients once a month is the best way to lose them to your competitor. Thus, you have to devise a plan on how you can regularly send emails and a really good entrance strategy to greet your prospects so you could leave a mark on their minds.

4. Tell a good story

People love to hear well-written stories. Email allows you to tell interesting stories in continuous installments and leave your clients wanting for more in the process.

5.  You must know what you want

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is by knowing what you want first; knowing what you want from your recipients and this must be flexible enough so you could change it if there is a need to do so.

6. Build a Good Email Marketing Reputation

The best way to build your reputation is by being able to deliver intelligent email marketing material. This can only happen if you keep yourself abreast with developments in your industry. This will allow you to deliver first class emails.