Email Marketing ? The Cost-effective Way Of Advertising


Many business owners are well informed about the significance of a website, but owning a website and staying in touch with prospective clients are different things. So there is a need for two way communication. Email Marketing facilitates communication with the slected target audience, anywhere at highly economical prices.

Every company spends a substantial amount of money and efforts in its Marketing and Advertising Campaigns. Since this crucial area involves huge investment, everyone looks for the most efficient options. Email Marketing has emerged as the major marketing tool during recent years. Here promotion of products and services are done by sending direct mails.

Email Marketing can do wonders for starters and small organisations and provide them an opportunity to reap good results at moderate prices. Its global reach, promptness and nominal prices that provide a competitive edge over other offline advertising channels like Newspapers, TV, Radio and other traditional media options. The only cost you will bear in Email Marketing is the fees to the Email Service Provider or the cost of Email Marketing Software.

Why Email Marketing?

The main advantages of Email Marketing are:

Cost-effectiveness: It is the most efficient way of marketing and advertising as it requires no printing or allied expenditures. You only need to bear the charges of the service provider or the cost of Email Marketing Software.
Deep reach: Unlike other traditional marketing modes that are limited to certain regions, the email can reach anywhere in the world.
Promptness: The recipients of your mail will see the message as soon as it enters the mailbox and there is always a possibility to receive the immediate feedback. For example if a receipient is interested in the offer he/she may reply immediately or forward it to someone else.
Advertisement to target audience: Email Marketing provides you an opportunity to filter the receipients. You can choose people who are likely to become your prospective consumers.
Personalization: You can give a personal touch to the message by adding greetings. There is a possibility that the element of personal touch may attract the attention of the reciepient into the content.


Email Marketing has some limitations too. The biggest downside is that sometimes your mail is regarded as spam as many users have now installed advance spam filters to block unsolicited emails.

Selection of Email Marketing Company

One has to consider several factors before launching its Email Marketing Campaign. With the advent of technology, spam filters have became more sophisticated and there is a possibility that your email may be treated as spam. It is always advisable that you go for a trusted and reliable service provider for your needs.

Your first task is to choose the appropiate Email Marketing Company for legitimate correspondence with the target audience. It is recommended that you always choose a reputable online service provider that offers feedback on clicks, replies, opened mails, bounced mails, etc.

The article is penned by an expert on business email marketing working for CoolereMail, one of the leading Business Email Marketing Companies.