Email Marketing Software Adapted by Pet Groomers


While pet owners often pamper their pets, pet groomers often face fierce competition for their clientele. Battling large chain stores as well as small independent companies, every pet groomer needs to maintain a steady client base while also reaching out for new customers. With email marketing software, pet groomers can face these challenges without having to expand their staff or marketing budget. Email marketing software allows them to quickly and efficiently send out email reminders to current clients, email newsletters about their services and even email coupons to potential target markets at low costs and with minimal staff time.

Pet groomers need to maintain and cultivate their repeat client base. To help prevent other groomers from seducing their customers away, it is imperative that pet groomers stay in contact with their clients. This contact, however, needs to remain friendly and beneficial to the customer so it doesn’t have the negative impact of annoying emails. By using a detailed database with clients’ and their pets’ names, birthdays for both the pets and the owners, their last visit and their favorite services, the email marketing software can send out automatic friendly emails that will keep the groomer at the forefront of customers’ minds while not alienating them with repetitive emails.

Pet owners are often extremely interested in learning about dogs, tips on grooming, diet and exercise and other helpful tips for each season. Should dogs wear mittens in the snow? Is rock salt bad for their paws? What are the best treats to give your pet so he or she doesn’t get too fat? With an email newsletter, you can highlight these topics. The more interesting your newsletter is, the more your clients will look forward to reading it and passing it on to other pet owners. Always remember to list your services in the email newsletter so that potential clients can see what you can do and current clients can expand their use of your services. With easy-to-use templates, email newsletters are quickly customized to meet your needs.

Email marketing software also allows pet groomers to send out coupons and announcements with minimal time or effort. The pre-existing templates can easily be personalized to announce special offers, especially during slow months where sales are down and an added boost would be most beneficial. By using email marketing software to deliver these coupons, you not only reach a wide audience; you don’t have the additional expenses incurred with print advertising.

Whether you are maintaining your current client list or expanding to reach a larger target market, email marketing software is an efficient and budget friendly way to stay ahead of the competition.