Email Marketing – Seven Tips – Steps to Higher Opens and Conversions


When it comes to email marketing, consistency is key. If you send a bunch of emails, but your readers are not sure what you want from them or what you are offering them, then you are missing your mark and will end up in the spam box of their email account. These 7 Tips will keep your readers reading and keep your message out of the spam box.

When I say Consistency I mean:

Keep the format simple
Readers and fans want to know what to expect. If your style changes all the time they will never develop a relationship with you.

Limit the topics you discuss to three in any one email.
When you send an email to fans a lot of bands make the mistake of making it a newsletter. Newsletters are great if you are a company that is offering a ton of services, but most likely you are a musician trying to do one thing: make a career in music. So keep your topics limited and focused. This will help your fans do the things you want them to do.

Tell them what you want
So many musicians and email marketers make the mistake of being passive when it comes to getting what they want. This always amounts to a big pile of disappointment. Tell the people what you want them to do. If you want them to click a link, then tell them to right away.

Repeat your message
If you are trying to get someone to do something in your emails you will need to repeat your message. The best approach is to:
Tell them what to do right away.
Then tell them why they should do it and what is in it for them.
Then tell them to do it again!

A good rule of thumb is that people will need to see your message 3 times before they will act.
Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat it again
Don’t be afraid to send the same topic in several emails. Don’t resend the same email, but you may want to weave that common thread through a second email the following week and then the week thereafter. This all depends on your topic and your audience. Don’t bore them to death, but be sure to be consist ant with your message.

Send at consist ant intervals
The best thing you can do to build a relationship using email is to keep your time lines consist ant. If you send out a weekly email, send it on the same day or within a day or two. This helps your audience know what to expect and when they can look for your email. It also subconsciously says to them that you are the real deal and that you are legitimate.

Keep Subjects interesting
When you send an email the first thing you read is the subject. You decide in two seconds whether you want to read it or not. Try to keep your titles consist ant. If you are going to be quirky then always be quirky. If you are keeping a strict format such as, “My Band: Why we are aw some” then always use that same My Band: prefix. This allows users to sort their email and read your past emails.

Now you can create emails that build relationships with your fans. Get out there and start using these tips today.