Email Marketing Helps Keep You on the Road to Success


With the current harsh economic climate, it is hard for many small companies to stay afloat. Consumers are ever conscious of their spending and are limiting their non-essential purchases. With these factors, how is it possible for a small sports shop to not only stay in the black but also thrive? Email marketing tools such as automatic emails, email newsletters, and email marketing announcements or coupons can be utilized by business owners to help keep them on the path of success.

Email marketing software enables you to stay in contact with customers without spending hours on the computer or telephone. By creating a database with pertinent information regarding each customer, automatic emails will be sent to your clients regarding regular maintenance, local activities, in-store specials and other news that might interest them and bring them back to your shop. With interesting emails that relate specifically to your clientele, your emails will become valuable communications that your customers will look forward to receiving. Emails are automatically sent depending on the original information that you put in the database and each requires minimal office time to mail out, thus freeing up your staff to handle more important work.

With email newsletters, you can provide interesting facts about bicycle care and maintenance, offer information on local activities, and point out beautiful bicycle paths or charity bike runs that may encourage clientele to use their bikes more and come back to the store for supplies, upgrades or accessories. With easy-to-use templates, writing a newsletter is quick and simple and gets your message out to the entire database within minutes. Another additional benefit to email newsletters is that they are easily forwarded on to others, effortlessly doubling your marketing database without any work from your staff.

Are you running a special in your store but don’t have the funds for a large advertising campaign? With email marketing software, you can quickly create an announcement with an attached coupon and link to your own website instantly. Send it out to your entire email database and watch the word spread. Due to the specialized software, these emails go directly in the ‘in box’ and don’t get lost in the ‘spam’ folder.

Becoming a part of your clients’ lives and reminding them of why bicycling is important and fun will bring them back to your store again and again. With automatic emails, email newsletters and email coupons, your clients will look forward to your messages and pass the information on to friends. Get back on the track to success without breaking your marketing budget by using email marketing software.