Email Marketing Enables Bars and Nightclubs to Increase Revenue


While not often thought of as part of a traditional marketing strategy, bars and nightclubs have turned to email marketing software to gain more exposure, retain customers and reach a wider target market. Traditional marketing efforts in radio, television and print are often costly and can be unreliable. By using email marketing tools, bars and nightclubs can get a substantial return on investment, increasing their customer base as well as their revenue stream.

Email marketing software enables owners to repeatedly send out information about their establishment to not only their regular clientele but also thousands of potential customers in the nearby area. With opt-in lists that allow their emails to stay out of Spam folders, emails are a cost-effective way to increase a club’s exposure without increasing its budget. With sample emails to work with, there is very little staff time needed to prepare a special notice regarding entertainment or events. With email marketing, there are no additional costs for printing, production or mailings.

Email marketing software also helps boost weekday sales. Sending out regular announcements regarding weekday specials, happy hours or mid-week discounts can keep customers coming back for drink deals or special guest entertainment. By keeping your establishment at the forefront of your customers’ minds, you can anticipate more return business. In addition, these emails can easily be sent on to family and friends, expanding your list exponentially without any additional costs.

All your emails should have an opt-in option so that your clients can choose to receive further newsletters and emails. In addition, you can request valuable information, such as the date of birthdays or anniversaries. By adding this information into your database, you can send automatic Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary emails, adding a special touch that your customers will appreciate.

Stay ahead of the competition with email marketing software. An innovative way to utilize the internet to your strategic advantage, email marketing can widen your customer base while decreasing your marketing budget. With personalized emails, weekly specials and event announcements, you can not only find new customers but also retain your current clients as well, increasing customer satisfaction as well as your revenue stream!