Email Marketing Doesn’t Work? So What Does?


Email marketing has lost its sparkle. That is…if it ever had one. Gone are the days where you can just promote to a mailing list, opt-in or not and rely it to grow your business and generate leads.

A new study has shown that over 20% of email marketing does not reach its intended recipient. When it does, the users are less likely than ever to respond with a visit to your site. When they do visit, if they see the same site they saw on their last visit, in seconds they are on to the next exciting website. One cure for this would be a new landing page for each campaign you do. This can be quite a bit of work and it still doesn’t solve the problem of undeliverable emails. As well as combat the fact that Internet users are becoming increasing frustrated with spam and any type of promotional offer in there in box and just hit delete.

It’s as if promotional emails have taken on the negative stigma of the door to door salesmen. In today’s world email marketing and prospecting in general has taken on a whole new set of challenges. Law restrictions as well as privacy restrictions and concerns.

So what is the answer? I believe it is Demand Lead Generation.

The first thing we need to understand is that age old truth that people don’t like to be “sold”, they like to buy. The internet has enabled us for the first time to create a pulse for the country…what are they searching for? For instance, we can find the top ten cities that are searching “weight loss”. Would that be important to you if you have a weight loss product?

We are able to build a campaign that is targeted to capture leads from individuals already looking for your product or service. Some people call them buyers!

Email marketing although once thought to be cost effective, does not work, can be pricey (based on how many emails per it takes to produce leads), and most importantly is no longer effective.

Building a campaign that captures individuals, who are already looking for your product, not only makes make a lot of sense, but brings you leads that are prequalified and delivers long term results.