Email Marketing ? Devise Perfect Strategy to Suit Your Business



E-mail marketing is one of the methods of direct marketing, which uses electronic mail for communication of products to the customers. It is easy, affordable and effective online marketing method. It allows you to build relationship with your customer through personalized mail communication.


A survey showed that over 93 percent of people have an opt-in daily contact with different businesses via email.


Following are some tips to do best e-mail marketing for your business products and services.


1. Do not give multiple offers in single mail

Never give multiple offers in a single mail. Allow your customer to concentrate on only one single deal. You will get more response from your customer through this. Learn from Groupon clone from Contus. Groupon clone offers only one great deal to their subscribers every day via email. These offers are form local businesses and come with discounts coupons or some special deals. When subscriber decides to buy a deal then he/she will have to pass this deal information to other friends to make that purchase. Thus, your offer will be promoted to more people and you will get more customers.


2. Make personalized Messages

Be creative in your marketing strategy. Take advantage of personalization and customization. If you send a personalized message to your customer, then it will help you to build a good relationship with your customers. It makes your customers feel that this message is made only for them. The more your message impresses them, the more people will take an action in response of your e-mail.


3. Use Social Media

Many email service providers allows their users to share things via newsletters. Social media attracts users, generates online conversations and encourages users to share it with other via social networks. It is an easily accessible platform to anyone with internet access. It opens doors for businesses to share the information of their products and services with customers. It is an inexpensive platform for businesses to do marketing campaigns. Businesses can receive direct feedback from customers. You can share your links on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You will surely get immediate results and response.


4. Give something valuable.

Give your customers something really valuable rather than just giving simple offers. Your main goal is to make your customers read your deal and package of your products and services and encourage them to buy only from you. If you send newsletters on emails, which are not impressive then no one is going to care about your mails. They might simply delete it. Make your offer so tempting that they cannot stop themselves from buying it. Offer something that is valuable not only for us but also to them. If they are satisfied with your valuable offer then only they will purchase your products or services and share with friends and family.


Use these interesting tips, strategize your marketing campaign precisely and get ready to out beat your competitors outright.