Email Marketing Campaigns – The Smartest Ways the Experts Use to Promote Anything


You have decided to use email marketing to promote your business. This is a great step forward in the successful marketing plan for your venture. But it will not get far without great email marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of elements to consider when developing your email marketing campaigns. First, determine the amount of emails you will have in one campaign. Typically, a campaign has at least fifteen emails, sent out over a period of about forty-five days. This allows for many deleted emails and “nos” that typically come in sales before you get the “yes.”

You will also need to develop content for your emails. The first email should basically introduce the prospect to your company or opportunity, and provide several methods to gain additional information. Each subsequent email should provide a bit more information, such as benefits of the product or service, or true stories about the success of the opportunity being offered.

As the email marketing campaigns move forward, each email should become a bit shorter and more to the point. They should almost demand that the reader take action, and give a good reason for them to do so. Remember, these emails are taking the place of sales calls of old, and that means that you have to write to sell!

The final element to remember in your email marketing campaigns is that you must follow the laws and regulations regarding email marketing and the prevention of spam. Every email must contain an opt-out link and/or instructions for the reader. Each email must also contain your full name, company, physical address, website, and phone number.

If you opt to use an autoresponder, this final process is typically handled for you. The autoresponder will automatically insert your personal information at the bottom of every email. It will also insert an opt-out link, and processes all opt-outs for you automatically.