Email Marketing Campaign Tips – What You Need To Know To Earn Online

.tags There are more than a few email marketing campaign tips to learn, but some are more important than others. In a broad sense, the purpose behind any email campaign is truly about relationship building for the purpose of driving sales revenue. This is an important difference compared to other types of advertising and marketing initiatives, such as TV or Radio. Those campaigns are predicated on making a quick impression to help drive sales. The only way to reinforce that message is to run the ad as much as possible, thereby creating more “impressions”.

Unlike these costly, and increasingly ineffective methods, email marketing affords groups as small as a single individual to gradually develop trust and rapport with a targeted and interested audience over time, thus enabling marketing messages to be introduced at various points during this process when appropriate. Moreover, such campaign, once it begins working, is easy to scale up given today’s technology.

Here are some key points:

1.) “Squeezing” to capture the email. Like the beginning of any relationship, you will need to get an email first in order to build an effective email marketing campaign. Let’s face it, you are going nowhere fast without emails, so this is a key step to start. Today it seems like half the planet, from the local convenience store, to almost everyone online, so it is not as easy as just as asking people for an email online. You will need to demonstrate good faith with your users by offering something that is of interest and perceived value to them, such as a video course or a piece of software. This is normally done on something known as a “squeeze” page, but can take place in a number of other different ways as well. A squeeze page is a dedicated page whose sole purpose is to capture a visitors email AND get them to opt-in to your email list. Getting the email is not enough, they will need to actually opt-in to your list voluntarily to allow you to email messages to them.

2.) Autoresponders- Simply put, it is impossible to conduct an email campaign without using an autoresponder. An autoresponder is simply a software program that will automatically reply and send out emails in a specified, timed sequence. Good autoresponders also have the ability to measure how many emails are being delievered, opened, and clicked on. These metrics are vital to understanding how your audience is behaving to your email campaigns, and allow you to tweak and change the campaign over time to improve results. The nice part is, once it starts working, an autoresponder can truly work on auto-pilot to drive sales.

3.) Striking a tone- Striking the right tone once someone “opts-in” to your list is a key component of making your subscribers “buyers” over time. You will need to know your audience for sure, but you also need to write in such a way that holds their interest and doesn’t come off like a car salesman who is always desperately pushing to make a sale. One way to do this is to constantly provide value in your emails, usually by way of good information, insights, or continued freebies. This value can be mixed with various “buy” messages over time as your email sequence goes on.

Learning and then implementing these email campaign tips will certainly get you off to a good start. However, it can really help to know the exact, step by step specifics of choosing the right autoresponder, setting it up, and learning how to write and maintain a good email sequence that will convert subscribers into buying customers. Want to more? Click the link below and get rolling!