Email Marketing – Blacklist Does Have a Drastic Affect upon Deliveries!


There are various factors which could drastically affect your email delivery when carrying out the process of Email marketing via generators. Besides having an inactive mailing list, increased bounce rate and meager open rates, there is one factor which possibly could have a huge impact on the email deliverability, which is, email blacklist filters. The main work that these filters are supposed to do is that they block the emails being received from the sender if suspected to be spam. There are many ways if you need handling spam emails such as by checking email address of the one who has sent it, or the message in the email. Also, the user has the option that who would be added to the spam database. In order to counter attack spam blacklist, a few make use of white listing services from various email marketing firms. White list blocks those that are unwanted from sending mails unless they enter a code properly. Blacklist is particularly helpful if you desire maintaining a clean and organized inbox. This however should be kept in mind that its usage should be in the correct manner because if you mark legitimate email senders as spammers or flag them then it could cost you and your business. When sending email newsletter, consider the followings.
Email Header- It is just like a business card. When you send an email, the server enters into a conversation with the receiver’s server. When the email is sent and if it does not look like the recipient’s header then your mail would not be accepted.
HTML code- There is no trouble with sending message in this format. However sending an incorrect HTML code is a general reason that emails get filtered. Simplest of the errors could trouble you with the filtration process.
Content- Generally, ISPs depend upon a combo of factors to decide if an email should be delivered or filtered. The message copy is one of the major reasons which negatively affect the deliverability.
Email blast volume and the rate of speed- Spammers hardly give any importance to the speed and volume of sending emails. ISPs requirements should be adhered to in order to avoid spamming.