elk hunting in New Mexico

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Elk Hunting in the New Mexico is an experience you won’t want to miss out on. New Mexico’s public lands are managed for their Big Game. We truly have an Elk Haven here in New Mexico.You choose your style of hunt and we will assist you in finding the perfect Elk Hunt to fit your needs.

Our Bow hunts are hunted right in the middle of the rut, in a “primitive weapons only” unit. We run a 95% opportunity with a 55% kill rate varying from year to year on our cliental.

Deer hunting

We have some of the best Mule Deer hunting in the West. We have our rifle hunts in Northern New Mexico bordering Colorado on the North end, and the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation on the West. Our 2005 Season had a 100% opportunity with a 100% kill rate.

Antelope hunting

August is a great month to hunt the Gila National Forest for Antelope! Our Forests are managed for big game and it shows!

Book your hunt now to be sure to have your spot reserved. You will have an experience that you will remember forever.

Let this be the year you go away with a big game story and a choice Antelope to remember what the Gila National Forest has to offer.

If your looking for a fully guided Antelope hunt that you will remember for a lifetime, you found your place.

Oryx Hunting

Imported in 1969 New Mexico has proved to be prime habitat for the African Oryx. These Big Game Exotic’s have been hunted in New Mexico since 1974 with a great success rate to those that are lucky enough to be drawn for these hunts.The Oryx gazelle is a large African Antelope introduced into New Mexico in areas that was low or no huntable Big game.

Characteristics: Oryx can weigh up to 450 pounds, and stand about 47 inches at the shoulder. Both males and females have horns that average 34 inches long. Their distinctive markings allows them to hide among desert shrubs.

Hunting in New Mexico has never been better!

elk hunting in New Mexico