Elementary Book Report

.tags From time to time students from all academic levels are asked to complete writing tasks as part of their class assignments. Elementary book reports writing is one of the assignments that are common among elementary school children. Book reports usually presents summary of what is in a particular book that has been selected for this assignment and the writers reaction towards the book. Elementary book report writing helps students to learn how to organize their thoughts and to enhance their ability to comprehend reading materials. Before writing elementary book reports, elementary school students need to read the assigned book and understand the concept contained in the book. Teachers might provide a book to the students or request the students to select books of their choice and use them to write book reports. After understanding the concepts in the books, the student is supposed to summarize the author’s ideas and give brief personal opinion about the book.

In elementary context, these books are usually brief and simple fictional books or other imaginative writing. Book reports are not only written in elementary schools but also in other academic levels such as high school, colleges and even universities. The complexity of the book reports will vary according the academic level of the student. While elementary school students are expected to provide a brief summary of the book, the plot and some comments, students at advanced academic levels are supposed to provide deeper meaning of the text, provide their own point of view on the issues under discussion and criticized the author’s point of view. The books assigned for writing of the reports also become complex as one advances in the academic levels. Regardless of the academic level, good book reports should have three important chapters; the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should effectively introduce the book being referred to.

At elementary level students are required to provide a brief outline about the book while at advanced levels students are supposed to provide full publication report of the book. These include; the authors name, titles of publication, date of publication, publisher and place of publication. The body of book reports should extend the summary of the book and the writer should proceed to integrate his or her own thoughts. The plot of the book should be clearly explained in the body and if the book reports are for advanced academic levels aspects such as themes, setting, characters and styles of the book should be discussed.

The third part will be the book reports’ conclusion, which should restate details of the book such title and author while giving additional point and a summary of the report. Incase you require more assistance in writing your book reports; you can consult the book report writing guides that have been made available through our website. You may also make use of the book reports samples and examples available in our archives to get ideas on how to write your book report assignments. Writing book reports require a considerable amount of time and efforts. If you do not want to consume your time and effort on book reports writing, you also have the option of purchasing our professionally written book report papers. We provide book reports for various academic levels including elementary school, middle school, high school, colleges and universities. Our book reports papers are also available at very affordable rates.