El Paso Attractions


The Ascarate Park holds the honor of being the largest public park in El Paso and is ranked as one of the best recreation centers among all the El Paso attractions. This park is spread over an area of 448 acres and features a golf course, a lake which is known as the Ascarate Lake, a Western Playland Amusement Park and picnic areas with sports facilities within its premises.

The Fray Garcia Monument can be categorized as one of the historical El Paso attractions as it commemorates the priest who founded the first mission in the area. The monument consists of a bronze statue of the priest which was designed by John Houser and measures 14 feet.

The Magoffin Home State Historic Site marks the original site on which the residence of the pioneer Joseph Magoffin was built in the early nineteenth century and is one of the oldest El Paso attractions. Although the original 19-room territorial style mansion was destroyed by flood in 1868 it was replaced by a replica which houses most of the original family furnishings and art works and is open to public.

The Hueco Tanks State Historic Site is spread over 860.3 acres of land and is one of the most interesting El Paso attractions. The area derives its name from the huecos which are large natural rock basins that trap rain water to be used by the city dwellers as a rain harvest. Apart from its geographical significance this area is home to Indian rock paintings which depict mythological designs, humans and animals which were existent during that era.

The Concordia Cemetery, also known as the Texas State Historical Cemetery, is one of the oldest among the El Paso attractions because it was built in 1840 and has ever since served as the final resting place for at least 60,000 inhabitants of the area. A trip through the cemetery would reveal the graves of the Mexican settlers, Buffalo Soldiers, Constable John Selman and the other noteworthy personalities who graced the social circle of the city.

The El Paso Union Depot holds the honor of being the first international train station in the country and is an architectural delight among all the El Paso attractions. This neo-classical structure was built by architect Daniel H. Burnham and contractor Frank Powers due to which it is registered on the National Register of Historic Places and presently this venue is home to the Amtrak and the Sun Metro.

The La Vina Winery is the oldest winery in the region and is one of the most interesting among all the El Paso attractions. A tour through the winery exposes one to the ancient tradition of wine making which is being followed for centuries in the Rio Grande River valley and one would also get to see a large variety of grapes like Chardonnay, Cabernet and Zinfandel which are used for making wine. The tour ends up with a tasting session on the patio in which one gets an opportunity to taste a variety of wines from all over the world.

The Las Cruces/Old Mesilla is located at a certain distance from the city of El Paso and is considered as one of the most important southwestern historic regions among the El Paso attractions. The area is surrounded by the beautiful Organ Mountains and features the historic village of Old Mesilla which is famous for the murder trial of Billy the Kid.

The Presidio Chapel of San Elizario was originally established as the mission for the soldiers and is one of the El Paso attractions which are located to the south of the city. The mission was representative of the adobe-style architecture and still features gilt pillars, archways and a beautifully painted tin ceiling although it was shifted from the area due to the recurrence of floods and other natural disasters.

The Chamizal National Memorial and Park is located at the border of America and Mexico and is considered to be the most entertaining of the El Paso attractions because it houses a museum, an art gallery as well as an amphitheatre within its premises. This park also features informal gardens which are used to depict the replicas of some of the most important historical sites of Mexico like Uxmal, Chichen Itza and Teotihuacán.