Eight Week Workout Program – Shaun T Insanity


Shaun T Insanity is an eight week workout program designed mostly with a cardiovascular style approach though it does include strength and power training to help build lean muscle and definition.

The program starts right out of the gate with a fit test to help you determine your current physical level. You perform 8 different moves and record your repetitions. You repeat this video several times throughout the eight week workout program and then you do it once more at the very end.

Most people that try Shaun T Insanity are surprised that the warm up itself doesn’t seem like much of a warm-up, it’s more like a workout itself. Though, it’s good to have a straight forward and fast approach since this is only an eight week workout program. You won’t be standing around and just simply going through the motions.

Basically, the first month is broken into four repeat weeks where you switch out a variety of 5 DVDs and perform them in different order each week. Then you get a one week “recovery week” to build core and balance. Then you end the eight week workout program with a final 4 weeks of MAX training which is where the real work comes in.

Month one is more about conditioning and getting your mind/ body prepared for the second half. The program will get about 15-20 minutes longer and the moves become much more challenging and fresh. I suppose with the recovery week you could almost call this a 9 week workout program but the core of the program is based on the month one and month two workouts.

The idea with Shaun T Insanity is to push as hard as humanly possible, beyond just what the body says, but more with the mind. Each workout should feel as though it’s the first time through. Each week will get easier as you adapt so pushing harder is the only option to get better results.

Shaun T’s eight week workout program is not a joke, there is no additional equipment besides your own body, gravity, a DVD player, the eight week workout program itself, and the will to push.

Shaun T Insanity comes with a companion nutrition guide which has you pick from meals to eat 5 times a day. There really are no snacks; each meal is a decent meal with a balanced approach at nutrition.

You will need every bit of food energy you can get because Insanity will not back down; it only gets harder as the 8 weeks progress. It’s been said that some people burn between 700-1500 calories in a single workout.

Shaun T Insanity is a straight up hard core approach as an eight week workout program with a 9th week to “recover” in between. Don’t attempt this program if you are not already in decent shape, have some knee or hip issues, or have a hard time with high impact workouts.