Eight Real Madrid star to flee and eventually became a pity the Bundesliga Lao Erluo


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In the past 16 years, Raul has been used as the iconic characters of the Bernabeu, but Real Madrid who chose to leave the banner in the summer favorite Galacticos, joined the Bundesliga team Schalke 04, which became another one login Bundesliga Real Madrid star. This one is for Real Madrid, the most regrettable that the two stars is no doubt his home in the Bernabeu Raul and Robben broke out in the Bayern.

NO.8 Metzelder

Real Madrid left in 2010 to join Schalke 04

World Cup 2006 in Germany as the main defender and the Dortmund defense gates, Metzelder was once optimistic about the prospects. However, in 2007, after Real Madrid signed a free body, Metzelder was lost at the Bernabeu, his first two seasons the number of league appearances in total add up to only 21 games last season, is in the hands Pellegrini played only a pitiful 2 field the ball, completely reduced to marginal. Christoph Metzelder contract expires in the summer to join Schalke Bundesliga return, Magath immediately become the team’s main support Metzelder.

NO.7 Ze Roberto

Real Madrid left in 1998 to join Bayer Leverkusen

This star from St. Paul Real Madrid in 1996, was the case, then Galacticos to 900 million euros higher price under a Ze Roberto, but the Brazilians suffered embarrassment difficult to adapt to the game, the league played 15 times to be removed Back to Brazil to play for half a year. 98 Xiatian Ze Roberto to join Bayer Leverkusen, who spent only 400 million. Bayer’s Brazilian midfielder at last find his own stadium in 2002, also with the old team a decisive battle in the Champions League final. World Cup 后泽罗伯托 joined Bayern as well as the main team for many years.

NO.6 Brian Turner

Real Madrid left in 1977 to join Brunswick

Brian Turner’s outstanding talent has been known for strange character, the functional side of his defender and midfielder, outstanding long-range capability, Brian Turner and Franz Beckenbauer in 1974 as the backbone of the World Cup winning team, followed by a high profile to join Real Madrid However, despite the help of two La Liga champions Real Madrid, he was far from successful trip to La Liga, the team fell to historic lows in 1977, only the first 9 league ranking, Brian Turner also had a falling out with the team, Back to the Bundesliga Brunswick joined the underdog, but also losing the 1978 World Cup squad until you return to former club Bayern Munich, only to stage a comeback Brian Turner

NO.5 Suk

Real Madrid left in 1999, joined 2001 Munich 1860

This name 98 World Cup Golden Boot striker has limelight without the two, the Croatian striker at Real Madrid for three years had a brilliant time, even the La Liga title and the Champions League into account. However, due to the rise of Raul and Fernando Morientes, Suker 1999 move to Arsenal and, after joining West Ham left after the 2001 Munich 1860 annuity Unfortunately, Suker, leaving only five goals in the Bundesliga after said hanging up his boots.

NO.4 Ao Genie Norwich

Real Madrid left in 2001 to join FC Kaiserslautern

20-year-old will be able to join Real Madrid, the former boy genius Ao Genie Ivanovic of Serbia has also been days of glory, but in addition to the 1999-2000 season has been played 11 times, he hang around in the Real first team for three years, transfer Kaysers Lautem playing in the Bundesliga after just one year left.

NO.3 Ruud van Nistelrooy

Left Hamburg to join Real Madrid in 2010

Ruud is seen as the introduction of former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon is doing a transfer of the most successful trading, the king of a small restricted area came to the Bernabeu in 2006, when 25 goals last season to win the league into the Golden Boot, and lead the team regain the league title, but due to injury reasons, the striker position subsequently occupied by C Roy melon. Ruud choice this year, defected to Hamburg in January, played 18 times into the 7 balls, is still performed well, while Ruud van Nistelrooy was also seen as the new Bundesliga season, Jin Xue a strong competitor.

NO.2 Robben

Real Madrid left in 2009 to join Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich scored in the double winners last season, and rounded out in the Champions League final. And made major contributions toward the top as Bayern hero is no doubt that the team often at the last moment to save the Peter Pan Robben. League, Robben is also into the 16 goals, the team first, the war in Europe is accounted for 4 goals, the World Cup is obvious to all of his outstanding play. Lose such a player for Real Madrid is undoubtedly a great pity.

NO.1 Raul

Real Madrid left in 2010 to join Schalke 04

Raul is Real Madrid’s soul, the flag of Spanish football, he maintained numerous national and club record, but unfortunately the name of the great 7 ultimately failed to achieve his life only for the effectiveness of a club Real Madrid dream. This summer, Raul choose to join Schalke 04, Real Madrid’s legendary painting to this in a non-perfect finish. 16 years of his life, say goodbye to a move for Real Madrid and Raul who have left countless Tanwan!