Effective Email Marketing – 3 Ways That Show You How to Market Your Email Campaigns More Effectively


You’ve worked hard and created an enticing, compelling, strong email campaign. It’s jam packed with highly informative content, so you want to be confident that your efforts are supported by an equally effective marketing campaign. You need to concentrate on gaining the maximum possible exposure for your emails, and the most efficient way is to promote to two or three sources. The more sources the better, because when you come to analyse the different results and their effectiveness, you’ll immediately see which method of promotion serves you best and be able to focus the majority of your efforts in that direction.

3 ways that show you how to market your emails more effectively:

1. If you have no squeeze page or opt-in list for building a list of subscribers, you should create one, because you’re missing out big-time. List building is one of the most effective and powerful ways to promote you products. The beauty of it is that you don’t need to fuss over web multiple web pages and worry about keeping them updated. Also you can keep exposing your promotions to a list of potentially thousands of loyal subscribers. The most important thing is that Internet marketing is about building relationships, not selling straight off the page. And list building is the true vehicle to support this pursuit.

2. Make your campaign reciprocal; do a joint venture. Approach owners of similar opt-in lists and niche sites. Do plenty of research to check for the page ranking of potential “JV” partners. If you intend to undertake some reciprocal list swapping, you could subscribe to the lists of you potential partners, and if you like content they offer, then make an approach. Marketers with list of at least 1000 subscribers are the only ones you should consider, and likewise, your list should have similar numbers.

3. Add quality content to your niche Blog, or WordPress site. You can write quality content for these online sources and promote your product via a URL link to your email series or e-course. By using pingomatic.com, you can bring you fresh content to the attention of the SEO spiders as often as you create the content.