Ecommerce Tips and Tricks Part 2 (Actionable)!

Ecommerce Tips and Tricks Part 2 (Actionable)!

All you need to get started in ecommerce is an idea. After that, things can get tricky. But hey, it’s all good. We’re here to help.

Part Two of our ecommerce tips series looks at more actionable tips that will keep you going on your ecommerce journey. (Did you miss Part One? Check it out here:

We start by looking at how you can use product categories to help shoppers navigate your store, and then move on to initiatives you can take to make sure your existing customers keep coming back.

There are also some tips for turning indecisive shoppers into buyers, including how to create engaging copy and videos, as well as how to handle shipping costs. (Spoiler alert: free shipping is the best shipping.)

We wrap up by talking about ways to let your customers know they’re special, such as sending out emails or questionnaires to people who have bought from you and asking if they are satisfied. Finally, we look at ways to put your customers on a pedestal. That might mean discounts or even thank you notes.

You’ll walk away from this video with 10 proven ways to keep your store growing.

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