Eco-Friendly Travel


Eco friendly travel is another way to go green. Planning a vacation that includes public transportation, such as an airplane or bus will benefit the environment. Going by train is a fun way to see more of the country as you travel to your destination. If you decide to fly, book a direct flight instead of changing planes several times. Airplanes use more fuel when they take off and land. If you are driving, take a vehicle large enough for several people. Using the cruise control saves gas because the car will be set at the speed limit eliminating the need for constant braking and acceleration.

Unplug your smaller appliances before you leave. Micro Waves, Plasma TV’s, and chargers will draw current as they sit idle. Computers, printers, and office machines can be unplugged to save electricity. Turn the heating and air conditioning on the lowest settings. Turning down the setting on the hot water tank saves energy. Install timers on your lights for security. Call the newspaper office and have them hold your paper delivery. An accumulation of newspapers is a sign no one is at home.

Instead of buying travel size packages, pack the toiletries you already have in your own containers. Pack biodegradable laundry detergent for when you do your laundry. If you are traveling on public transportation pack only what you will need. When you do, you will have room for souvenirs from your trip. Buying pre-packaged wares is added trash for the environment.

Pack a digital camera for taking those vacation pictures. Use re-chargeable batteries instead of disposable ones to save the landfills. Toss some disposable bags in your luggage for carrying your purchases. Add a water bottle that you can fill yourself instead of buying bottled water.

Choosing a green hotel or resort is an important part of eco friendly travel. To conserve on the hotel’s laundry re-use your towels. Taking shorter showers will conserve water. When you leave your room turn off the lights and turn down the air conditioning or heat. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to save electricity. If some of your planned activities are within walking distance you will benefit from the exercise. For longer outings, use the bus or a taxi. If you need to rent a car, rent a hybrid.

While you are on vacation, support the local economy by eating at locally owned restaurants, not well know chains. Shopping in souvenir shops will create revenue for the city you are visiting. Visiting the Farmers Market will help support the local farmers and the food is better. You can purchase fruits and veggies to snack on during the day. If your room has a kitchenette, prepare some of your own meals.

Visiting outdoors tourist attractions are a fun way to vacation. Nature parks, State Parks, and other attractions are environmentally friendly. Make sure you dispose of your trash in the proper locations.

Eco friendly travel will save money and reduce the carbon footprints you leave behind.