Eating Out In Dubai

.tags Dubai is a place that has been affected by different cultures. People from all over the world are welcomed here. it is for this reason that you can enjoy the best cuisines of the world in Dubai. You can enjoy all kinds of cuisines here be it this, continental, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Korean etc. there are more than 100 restaurants in Dubai and it is a real difficult task to find out the best among all. Here we will mention some of the famous restaurants and eating out points of Dubai.

Fire and ice: fire and ice is a very famous restaurant of Dubai that is situated in the raffles hotel of Dubai. You can enjoy some of the exclusive cuisines at this restaurant. The decoration is really good and is inspired by the four components of life that are wind, fire, earth and water. The menu of this restaurant is also affected by these components. The chef of this restaurant is very good and he himself had discovered many dishes. All of the dishes served here are very good. This restaurant has got an open kitchen. It is a perfect place to visit and to dine out during your Dubai holidays.

Ossiano: the name of this restaurant is inspired from the Latin word for ocean. You can see the underwater view of the ambassador lagoon. You can enjoy cuisines in the Catalan style. And the dishes have got a Mediterranean flavor. The chefs of this restaurant are really very good and most of them have won awards in their fields. This restaurant has got a sophisticated caviar bar along with an open lounge. This bar has got a very good collection of the wines and champagnes. You can enjoy some exclusive dishes in this restaurant such as crab with orange sauce or you can have the minced white fish with apple.

VUs: this restaurant is situated at the 50th level of the emirates tower. You can enjoy gorgeous sea views while sitting in this restaurant. It is a very famous restaurant of Dubai. Mainly contemporary dishes are served in this restaurant and that are served with real elegance and sophistication. You can find here dishes from the Middle East to the European culinary traditions. There is also a chic cocktail bar along with this restaurant but that is situated on the next floor. The lamb lovers can find very good dishes in this restaurant.

Reflets par Pierre gagnaire: it is a French style restaurant. The decoration is very good and gives you a home feel. You can enjoy traditional dishes along with a combination of fresh ingredients.

Verre by Gordon Ramsay: the world famous chef Gordon Ramsay is the owner of this restaurant. It is situated in the black lit wall panel. The table wares are simple but give a sophisticated look to the restaurant. This restaurant is famous for contemporary European culinary. The standards are all set by Gordon Ramsay. Vegetable lovers can find a lot of mouth watering dishes here. Wild quail dish of this restaurant is very famous.

There are many other restaurants in Dubai where you can enjoy your meals with your family and friends.