Easy Muscle Spain Treatment


Have you sprained your muscles while playing sports or martial arts? Did you know that with the application of warm Chinese oil you can relieve this pain in half the time? Why go to the physiotherapist if you can treat minor sprains more quickly and cheaper with Chinese Oils? Why pay physiotherapist money when some of the sprains can be relieved by yourself.

It’s natural and quick; the only thing you need to put up with is the strong aroma of herbs It is important you address your injuries appropriately to prevent future problems in old age. Such problems as arthritis and continuous pain can occur with the injury are not treated properly, or even repeated injury to the same muscle or joint. You must also note that you should rest for a couple days for your injury to heel.

Although the smells form these oils or patches can be strong at first, it also can help you relax. So lease ignore the smell and look to treat your injury. Be warned not to apply these oils on sensitive skin areas because it can cause some serious pain. If you do accidently get it on, place affected area under a cold tap and wash.

I use 4 types of oils:

1. Wong Ka lik Wood Oil

2. Green Oil for sprains

3. Zheng Gu Shui Liniment for bruises

4. Salonpas patches

Wong Lik Wood Lock oil is best suited for joint sprains. Apply in the injured area and massage. If you are daring, use a spoon to scratch the affected area. This will be painful but you will gradually see a red area appearing. This is a clear sign that you have an injury and by scratching softly, this will help your body recover faster.

The method to apply green oil is very easy. Rub 5 millilitres of oil on the area affected and massage slowly and softly. You will feel pain when you touch the injured area. Do not fear, this is your body telling you there is something wrong.

I find Zheng Gu Shui more suitable for muscle sprains and bruises, especially after heavy impact sports or martial arts sparring. It has a cooling affect which is good for bruises or heavy impact injuries.

Salonpas patches are also suitable for sprains to muscles and joints. You can apply this on the affected area after a shower. Please remember that if the area has hair then when you pull it out, the hair will come out too, so there will be some pain.