East End Bar, Perth, Australia – Review

{flickr|100|campaign} “In a world of excessive luxury, we invite you to indulge in High Streets most suave late-night bar and lounge.”

I read this and was thinking of paraphrasing it but why would I need to when it already faultlessly describes East End Bar and Lounge. Accurately put, the East End brings together just the right amount of high-end glamour and opulence with the new age contemporary club scene. With the rolled out red-carpeted entrance, I’m already impressed.

There was no line when I arrived that particular Thursday night but seeing as how East End packs pretty well I would advise to arrive early to avoid any unnecessary waiting in queues. After handing over a mere $ 5 cover charge I was well on my way.

East End Bar and Lounge will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. The decor alone is a marvellous sight. The place is furnished like what can only be described as exquisite extravagance. The walls are a work of art in itself as it is lined with embroidery style wallpaper, there are beautiful red chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and leather seating. Red velvet curtains drape the walls. It is a unique take on bar interior decor. No complaints here whatsoever.

There is a strict dress code to adhere to if you decide to drop by. You will find it hard to come across a bar without one nowadays but in essence it would be wise to show up looking like about a million bucks and then some.

After a quick look, and a quick gander around to see who the other East End goers were, I promptly noticed that I was immersed in the company of an ocean of 18 and 20 something year olds. I was astounded by the few guys who showed up sporting dress shirts, ties and vests. Well at least there is minimal risk of being too overdressed.

As there are 3 levels, it is almost impossible to become too bored too easily. The main area downstairs is large and is where most people choose to congregate. But if you want more, the dance floor is just a few steps down below it. Majestic couches and large almost novelty like ornaments hang and decorate the upstairs area. I found myself staring at the ceiling for a good few seconds and thought to myself “hmm well that’s new”. Nevertheless, all this culminates and creates an exciting ambiance.

I guess I should probably confess now, I cannot love this place more! If a night of lavish indulgement is what you seek, get involved.