Eagle Ranch Academy Has Exemplary Residential Programs for Youth


Eagle Ranch Academy’s is a residential treatment program for troubled youth, whose overwhelmingly comprehensive approach to care has been noted by organizations like Answers for Parents and StrugglingTeen.net.

They are based in St. George, Utah and consist of a series of complementary programs designed to help youths who are talented academically, athletically or artistically, but are struggling with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, ADHD, ADD, clinical depression, eating disorders, avoidance responses (running away), and out of control behavior, such as anger or some other maladaptive emotional response to a difficult family situation (like divorce).

Eagle Ranch Academy is very selective and highly focused. They have only 48 seats total available, and they are specifically interested in helping gifted troubled teens. Occasionally, a kid may come to them through the Utah court system, but that is only after he or she has been asses by their admission department to see if they meet the profile of their students.

If there is a seat available, Eagle Ranch Academy’s approach is to first do a complete evaluation of the child to assess their individual needs. This includes a psychological and emotional evaluation by a competent clinical psychologist, behavioral psychologist, and psychiatrist; a complete physical exam by our dedicated medical doctor (who makes regular scheduled visits and is on call 24 hours a day once your child is in the program), as well as a dental exam. This evaluation also includes any relevant lab work, especially important if your child has a substance or alcohol abuse problem or an eating disorder. This initial evaluation gives us all the tools we need to place your child in the right program within Eagle Ranch Academy.

Once here, our staff also has nurses, professionals who are on site everyday, a certified fitness instructor (supervising our fitness classes) and a cook who freshly prepares a menu that has been designed for us by a certified nutritionist. In addition to these services, we implement some of our own unique programs only available here at Eagle ranch Academy, such as our Life Coaching Skills program (to teach youth self-sufficiency strategies they’ll need long after they have left us), our Value Based program (to teach kids that rewards are earned and that their actions have consequences on their lives), and our work program to teach kids how to be responsible.

We have classes Emotional Growth Seminars that both students and families can participate in, teaching parents how to cope with their gifted but troubled teen, and an After Care program. This last program provides a resource for our graduates and their families to turn to after they’ve left us, so they never have to feel alone or leave behind the bonds of friendship they created while staying in the program.