Dubai Attractions Explored


Dubai is one of the most happening tourist destinations for over a decade now. The Dubai attractions have a lot to offer to the vacationers and tourists. Visit this lavish destination and have the time of your life.

City overview

Dubai is an ever-growing and bustling metropolitan. The city is always brimming in some activity and vibrant life. Situated in the middle east of UAE, the city is a land of skyscrapers and shopping malls.

Places which you must visit

– The Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates are no less than heaven for the shopaholics. While the former is the world’s largest mall, the latter is the house of every possible brand around the world.
– The Restless Planet, one of the adventurous Dubai attractions is a sort of reconstruction of the Jurassic Park and is located in the City of Arabia. The City of Arabia is a theme park.
– Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski slope in the world and will give you a lifelong experience of fun and adventure.
– The Dubailand is the largest amusement park of the world.
– The artificial islands are one of the most visited. The Palm Jumeira Island is one such man made wonder.
– The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa is about 2127 feet long and is a mesmerizing sight.
– The trip to Dubai is incomplete without a visit to the Safari Desert.
– The only seven star hotel of the world, the Burj Al Arab Hotel is a place to be.

Things you must do

– Have a glimpse of the Old Dubai and experience the evocative atmosphere there.
– A visit to the Palm Islands which are on the list of world class Dubai attractions for their claim as the largest artificial island in the world. 
– Make a trip to the 7-star hotel – Burj al-Arab Hotel which has to be done through reservation.
– Dubai Museum offers you an insight into the country’s rich and interesting history.
– Visit the Dubai Tower considered as the tallest tower in the world.
– The Jumeira Mosque is a prominent landmark which personifies ancient tradition and modern art.
– Take a roller- coaster ride over the sands of the Safari Desert.
– Have a flight on balloon early at dawn.

Shopping and Sports In the city

The Mall of the Emirates is one mall which maintains stock of all possible brands. The Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world and will satisfy every customer’s thrist. The Dubai Shopping festival, one of world famous Dubai attractions, draws hundreds of excited shoppers. The Dubai Sports City is the first ever integrated city in the world, which engages sports like cricket, hockey, rugby, golf, swimming and tennis.

How to spend nightlife

The city has about more than 100 energetic nightspots where you can party all night. There are no restrictions on alcohol and you can get to be a part of the firework spectacular.

Dubai festivals

Some of the festivals celebrated in Dubai are Eid Al Adha, Eid Al Fitr and Ramadan. Other festivals are the film festival, sports festival and shopping festival.