Dress to Impress on the Weekends


The weekend isn’t an excuse for you to live in sweatpants and not shower. As tempting as that might be! Sure, you’ve been a slave to dress shoes and a tie for the workweek. But you can still look great on the weekends, and impress the ladies, without sacrificing comfort.

Start with your face – Masculine Face Care™.

Your face is the first thing people will see. So when it comes to looking your best, even on the weekends, take care of it! You have a little leeway when it comes to grooming on the weekends. You can probably skip shaving. That is, as long as you look a little rugged, and not like a mountain man. A little stubble can be appealing for women. But don’t neglect washing your face! Wash with a cleaner (common beauty term – cleanser) and then apply a thin layer of protectant (common beauty term – moisturizer) to your skin. This will help you avoid dull, greasy looking skin. If you’ll be out in the sun for a while, remember sun block. If you have a late night out ahead of you, don’t skip these steps! Your face will thank you.

Rethink your Wardrobe.

Nothing turns off a woman more than a man looking like a slob. That’s not to say that you have to spend an hour picking out an outfit if you are just going to the coffee shop for a quick jolt, or meeting friends for a few drinks. But you should spend a few quick minutes making sure you are well put together. Keep a few of these tips in mind.

Throw out that college sweatshirt! If you are out of college (even worse in you are in your forties…) don’t wear that hooded sweatshirt out in public. It’s great for an afternoon of watching the game at your place with the guys. But nothing says you are trying to recapture the glory days of college like walking around with your Alma Mater branded across your chest. Granted, I’ve been guilty of this in the past, but never again!

There are a couple of ways to be more age-appropriate, while still looking good. In the warmer months, definitely forget about those baggy cargo shorts. You are not a frat boy smuggling beers in those pockets anymore! Stick with chino or khaki shorts that are more tailored, and a little shorter. You don’t need your shorts hanging down to your ankles. In the cooler months, forget about that old pair of jeans. Choose jeans that are darker and slimmer, but will still give you plenty of room to move.

Remember the Shoes.

Don’t forget about your feet on the weekends. Sure, your barking dogs need a welcome break from confining dress shoes or work boots. There’s nothing wrong with sneakers. Just make sure they are clean! Nothing brings down a nice outfit like a pair of muddy, destroyed sneakers. Boat shoes are also a comfortable alternative to sneakers and pair well with jeans. If you have to wear sandals, do yourself a favor. You don’t need a pedicure (I have never honestly felt comfortable enough to get one) but make sure your toenails look presentable. There are few things more embarrassing than a woman noticing your long, dirty toenails!

With a little effort, you can look your best even on the weekends. So throw away those sweats, give yourself a quick once-over in the mirror before you go out, and you’ll be on your way to impressing the ladies! And who knows, you might find yourself with a few phone numbers at the end of the weekend!