Dreamy Town Of Ronda In Spain

Spain has a variety of very unique cities and towns that are worth visiting when touring this beautiful country. The country has the advantage of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, which offer wonderful spots for tourism. These coasts offer islands and beautiful beaches that even the locals here enjoy. Apart from the beautiful beaches, the country also has beautiful landscapes and mountains that are amazing.

Perhaps the most well known cities of the land are Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. However, there are several other cities that are of great interest; the beauty found in them is enough to take anyones breath away. This country is one of the very best you could ever chose to spend your much needed vacation or holiday either alone, with a loved one or with your family. It has something for everyone.


Located at the center of Serrania de Ronda mountain range and possessing a wide canyon, Ronda is an incredibly beautiful place in Spain. No one visits this place and regrets the visit as the mountain streets are narrow and very wild, yet interestingly beautiful. It is still in this same place that you will find Spains only bullring, which is entirely made of stone; there is also a beautiful bridge that is worth checking out.

Ronda has spectacular buildings from the Moorish period and restaurants that serve mouth watering dishes and cuisine.

Things to see in Ronda

Probably one of the places you must visit when touring this wonderful city is the Cueva de la Pileta cave, which has wall paintings that are wonderful, and the Dolmen de Chopo. These two hold great importance in the regions history.

The remains of Acinipo, which was a Roman settlement, are interesting and so is the well preserved amphitheater, which represents the epoch of the Romans in this area. The Moorish epoch is represented by the Puente Viejo Bridge and Arabian baths. Casa de Gigante and Casa de Mondragon are palaces which conserve Nazari architecture. Ronda also has a wine museum giving insights into the old tradition of wine production.

Taking walks in this dreamy town is very exciting and the landscape is appealing to the eye. Although not many people know about the beauty of this town, it is an attraction for those who do. It is definitely worth visiting to learn a little about its history and the history of Spain as well.