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Dr Mike’s Wellness Blog, with the latest information and health advice, makes it extremely convenient for readers to learn better ways to improve their personal health. It provides a wealth of articles, editorials and helpful programs designed for increasing every user’s health.

Dr Mike’s Wellness Blog represents a valuable opportunity for health devotees from across the world. By letting the renowned Dr Mike share his expertise in wellness through his regularly updated blog, the website makes for an exceptional online home for any reader’s health information requirements. Dr Mike is deeply involved in the wellness industry and is uniquely qualified in giving his health blog’s readers access to the most up to date news, breakthroughs and innovations.


Dr Mike Van Thielen initially began his education in his native Belgium where he found interest in athletic performance and health optimization through his successful swimming career. Committing himself entirely to medicine, Dr Mike enrolled at the University of Brussels, graduating in 1993 as a Bachelor of Physical Education and then continuing on to receive his Masters in Physical Therapy in 1995. Dr Mike was able to enjoy the position of assistant coach and therapist for the Belgian Olympic Team during the following year’s 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, an opportunity that allowed him to combine his two primary passions for sports and medicine.


Dr Mike relocated to Florida in 1997, managing several pain management clinics in the American state. He continued his education in the United States, receiving his Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Professional Health Studies from Orlando’s Florida College of Integrative Medicine. Dr Mike is now a licensed physical therapist, acupuncture physician and doctor of Oriental medicine, highly trained and certified in homeopathy, injection therapy, homotoxicology, Chinese herbal medicine and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

By bringing his knowledge to Elite Aesthetic, Business and Training’s Medical Advisory Board, Dr Mike Van Thielen has continued to share his expertise in a valuable manner. Elite is a leading medical trainer and Dr Mike acts as one of the group’s primary advisors, sharing his skills and traveling across the world with celebrated public speaking engagements.

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