DP sir, Namaskaram,


DP sir, Namaskaram,


My views may not necessarily match the others within the terms of telangana demand what I think about all the matters involved in fighting against the ani-telangana elements. I feel it necessary whenever I find those things is wrong in my view, I communicate to you all and you see all such content is controversy. When I feel the issue is controversy, the moderators find it soft. All most I stopped sending responses to these groups since last two weeks. When I sent an article on rig Veda to these groups, the moderators approved the content. In reply to that article, one humble member criticized my content as well as my parents, who are no more in this world, too without knowing the facts and anything. I replied in the same way to that member, but the moderator interfered into my reply and asked me to reduce its intensity. I modified my reply and sent back to the moderator. One more member, on that article, she commented very loosely without any relevance. Then too I responded her with an explanatory way.

Then only I requested the moderator to approve my replies during the process of argument without moderating my mails. But he did not convince and decided to moderate my mails. And asked all the members to avoid the content on history, caste, religion and other controversial contents here in the groups due to different reasons what I understood about him. I find no problem even then too. But one senior member has posted the content on the caste; it has received no protest from any member. When the controversy over vileena and vomochana was raised, I just reposted the last years content on the same issue without any fresh comments on it to these groups that were approved. I requested moderator to allow the content as openly as it is the need of hour to discuss all the matters including the history, caste, religion, and other practices of leaderships of the different JACS in telangana, in the interest of the telangana state. We all are well aware about the conditions of Hyderabad city, which was and is very sensitive in communal tensions, and the next target is Warangal city in attempting to expand the same experiment of Hyderabad in warangal, karimnager, nalgonda and in nizambad as these are all in the telangana districts. I sent my last article to these groups regarding the caste analysis in the political leadership in Andhra Pradesh, but all these groups did not approve it due to different feelings and thoughts. I argued about the role of Muslims in the TRS, which is least concerned about the Muslims and kcr is talking about the post of deputy CM post. When he did not give the share of reservation in his party tickets, who believes him is a big question. However, I think telangana demand is the entire centre for all activities of different people, and I also take a part in my level to my possible extent in my circles that are not necessary to intimate to these groups what I thinks. Daliths, Muslims are still out of fold of the leadership of the TRS party, which is a part in the whole system of the movement.

There are JACS in which TRS wings consists its role only like any other wings of other ideologies in the telangana activities. In the whole spectrum of the talangana movement there are very conflicting ideological people are working together within the limitation of the mutual understandings against each and every one who is participating in the movements. So I represent myself in a different way within the limit of the telangana demand, how would anybody object me and my views in and out of these groups along with other members of these groups. Suppose, kodandaram sir, is the convener of the political JAC, and the OU JAC, which is in one or two instances differed with the decisions of the political JAC. Was it not evident, while the y.s. jagans yathra to mahabubabad, Warangal when the KU, jac taken lead role in obstructing him. Kcr is very eager to work at Andhra region by taking part in the agitation in support of telangana, but the OU&KU, jacs were in protest against the act. Yesterday what happened, to babu, no JACS are given any call to attack him in mahbubnagar, the local students took up the task in chasing the convoy of babu.

So should anybody condemn the act of the locals on yesterday’s incidence? No but all are unavoidably supported the act of students. So what I wanted to say that the difference in views are unavoidable anywhere both in side these groups and out side too. I can discuss all the issues in more than hundred groups in which I am a member from local to global. But the problem is that the system of group’s nature that are not the same in all groups. I am also a moderator; I do not moderate the mails in my political analysts group in yahoo. I leave it to the members of my group. There are also very prominent members posting the content in a big way, I reply and respond with a mix of seriousness and entertainment also. I discussed in detail about the dominating castes in Andhra Pradesh. More than hundred books are published on the caste dominations in Andhra Pradesh, and I read many in past.

The role of the castes if I discuss here, in comparison of reddy caste with the velama castes, I can say the reddy castes has more generalized than the velama caste. At the same time, if I compare with the Andhra kamma with velama, I find kamma is more socialized than the velama within the Hindu religious spectrum. If I compare, the kamma with velama caste about socialization with the religion of Muslims, I say velama caste is more socialized than the kamma caste. In leadership issues within the broad spectrum of Andhra Pradesh, I can say about the socialization of the caste order with the Muslims, the fist will be the reddy, next will the velama and the kamma is the last in the case of socialization with the Muslims. In over all view about the Muslims, the telangana rural life is more socialized than the urban Muslims in telangana. That is why kamma caste leadership exploited the situation in Hyderabad by playing communal cards there in dislodging the state governments in our state. Consequently, the socialization of the Muslim people in telangana and their relation also very known factor in telangana, at the same time velama caste is not yet socialized like the reddy caste in telangana. The question ultimately comes into mind about who is going to take over the social leadership in telangana very naturally. So that I want to share the views with the brothers and sisters in these groups as openly as possible to have the best understanding issues in getting the people into these forums. Otherwise I keep myself out of these discussions in these groups, because the group moderators can restrict the mails on their hate attitude towards others, but they would never be able to do in the society of telangana. At the same time I already told in these groups, that I am only a member from the Muslim community as well as from the left orientation like all other JACS in out telangana movement. Now it is up to the moderators of these groups to make these groups very pluralistic nature in the interest of telangana.

Dear DP sir, I have no other intention in sending mails to these groups. I am sure you would reply to this mail at least, if, not other moderators of these groups. I request these moderators to reply me with their views as openly as they think fit in any kind of interests other than telangana state. I do not find any fault about their acts, but certainly it is in protest against the attitude of the moderators on my content and on my views what I have expressed here in these groups.

With warm regards,

Ayub Mohammed