Dorset Cottages

{flickr|100|campaign} Yet another destination that is popular for its beaches in the South West of England is the region of Dorset. It is a perfect family get-away for those seeking the wonders of the seashore. However it is advised that you do not book a hotel room when you are at Dorset and instead look for those lovely cottage accommodations. That is because these Dorset cottages are not only well maintained with all modern amenities and facilities but they are also very reasonably priced.

These Dorset cottages are located close to the beaches and fulfill the dream of many tourists wanting to enjoy a beach side holiday. They are suitable for both small as well as large families who can have a blast trying out the various attractions easily.

The first one is Poole Windsurfing that is a thrilling experience in itself and accessible from these cottages. With the help of qualified and professional personnel, you and your family members can have a roaring time windsurfing. They also have the right equipment to help you get a truly exhilarating experience that would leave you wanting more of the thrill associated with the sport.

Another favourite with most families is the Shell Bay Water Sports adventures. This is again proximal to the Dorset cottages in Studland and there are enough family as well as group packages on offer. You can opt for half day activities or for those extending into many days. Its presence at Poole harbor and easy availability of powerboats as well as motor cruisers create the right environment for a whole host of water sports activities that all family members can enjoy.

Those families with young children will do well to visit Rockley Watersports. This venture that was started way back in 1976 provides an opportunity for young children to experience the pleasures of dinghy sailing. All safety precautions are adhered to and this is a unique experience that should not be missed when you are in Dorset.

So go ahead and book yourself a nice holiday in Dorset and ensure you stay at one of the Dorset cottages in order to get full value for your money.