Dora The Explorer Only From Nick Jr


Nick Jr. is the official home of Dora the explorer. Whenever the episode of Dora the explorer is scheduled, you will find children from around the world glued to Nick Jr. and waiting for their favorite cartoon series.

Dora the explorer from Nick Jr. focus on pre-schoolers and toddlers that are old enough to enjoy a cartoon show. Nick Jr. went out on its way in creating Dora the explorer complete with colorful animations, interactive pauses and songs that children can easily memorize and love.

Nick Jr. made it as nature-based as possible by presenting natural settings with which Dora the explorer and Boots go to every time they are on their way to a new adventure. In all their trips, they are faced with small problems that need solutions. Dora makes it a point to have simple solutions available to help and solve the problems that they encounter in their way. This is one of the things that children love about Dora the explorer.

Dora the explorer is created by Nick Jr. as a young kid that is both tough, sweet and simple. The network wants to show kids that there is a solution in every problem. All that is needed is to look for ways and techniques that will be the answer to those things. This is one of the concepts that Nick Jr. wants Dora the explorer to have on the kids.

Dora the explorer is made with the Spanish language being used as one way of teaching children about the language. After English, Spanish is one of the widely used language around the world. Nick Jr. knows this. That is why they made a cartoon character that is bilingual. One that can converse and understand both English and Spanish.

This fact does not seem to make any impact on the how children perceive Dora the explorer. Even if those who have just seen Dora the explorer cannot understand any of the language being spoken, they get the essence behind the words by the actions that Dora makes.

Children watching Dora the explorer can relate and help Dora solve the problems that she encounters on the way to her journey. This one of the essence that makes Dora effective as effective to more and more children. They can easily get the zest of what Dora’s adventure is about and will go out of their way in helping her find the solutions that is needed for the problem.

Another factor that children likes about Nick Jr.’s Dora the explorer are the songs that is sung in every episode and in her every journey. It does not matter if the song is Spanish or English. What matters is that children can easily memorize the lyrics and melody and is singing along with Dora once the songs are played.

Adults would find that watching Dora the explorer tend to be repetitive and boring because of its simplicity. But the children definitely love every episode and every adventure that Dora the explorer goes through. This just shows that Nick Jr. never meant for Dora the explorer to be watched by those older children and even adults. The one customer they are catering to are the children from 3 to 5 years old.

As long as there are small children who enjoys Dora the explorer, Nick Jr. will continue producing more and more adventures for Dora to explore.