Don’t Flip


Hellwig has manufacturing shocks and sway bars for vehicles for over 60 years.  They offer products to help stabilize your vehicle’s movement, and decrease its risk of flipping over.  This is especially possible in trucks.  They are a part of the Special Equipment Market Association, or SEMA.  The Special Equipment Market Association is a trade association consisting of a variety of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, car clubs, auto restorers, and more.  The members of SEMA make, buy and sell a variety of specialty parts.  SEMA is well known for their help in fighting for the rights of vehicle enthusiasts to drive customized vehicles.

Hellwig provides parts that allow their customers to customize their vehicles for safety.  Their products fit a variety of different trucks from those seemingly normal that are just looking for a small tweak to lowered trucks looking to really impress.  Their sway bars give a driver better control of their automotive and help reduce the risk of the car rolling over.  They help by distributing the weight throughout the vehicle, improve traction for cornering which improves driving safety, and all sway bars are custom fit for your particular vehicle.

A sway bar is a customized part of a vehicle’s suspension system.  It connects the wheels on opposite sides of the vehicle by use of a torsion spring.  This provides increased suspension to help a truck from rolling over during a turn.  Sway bars decrease a vehicles roll by reducing the vehicle’s body lean and help tweak the handling balance.  If a driver understeers or oversteers, the sway bar helps by creating a body stiffness that decreases the chances of the vehicle leaning with the turn and causing the vehicle to roll over.  Hellwig is one of the main manufacturers in these sway bars, and have been helping to keep drivers safe for many years.


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