Dominican Republic Welcomes Kiteboarders


Are you a kiteboarder? Are you the type of person who is into extreme sports? You may not be a person who is into the actual sport but you most certainly can still feel the rush that comes with watching a kiteboarding event. And that can happen soon. All you need to do is prepare yourself and be ready to take a trip to the Dominican Republic. To Cabarete in the Dominican Republic to be exact.

The KPWT Kiteboarding World Tour now is back and it is going to be a spectacular one. That is what the organizers of the mentioned event have been saying. And for kiteboarders, this sure is going to be one of the things that they will not have to miss. The place where this year’s kiteboarding event is going to take place is very excited and ecstatic. See, this is going to be a major kiteboarding event and that means a lot of people in their place. Add to that the fact that the last time that they hosted such an event was nine years ago and that has been quite a long time. With the long period in between hosting such events, the locals of the area are sure that they are going to be seeing a lot of exciting new things because improvements has certainly happened in this sport. And that sure is something that you would want to see for yourself.

The beaches of Cabarete, Dominican Republic are still the same though but it definitely will be more than happy to see a wonderful group of kiteboarders doing their stuff on its waves. The whole event would take five whole days of wonderful stunts on the sea and it is going to be part of the Cabarete Summer Fest which is the very first of its kind. The whole thing will start on the 8th of July and will end on the 12th. So if you are interested, you should start planning your trip now. That way, you get to be there when it starts and you get to find the best place to stay in when you are there.

If you are there in the Dominican Republic for the event and you would like to try out the sport for yourself, you should maybe find yourself a kiteboard for sale. You may also want to find a kiteboarding kite. That should make you ready for the sport.