Domingo has been No. 1 jersey to visit Real Madrid are all fans of The Three Tenors


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Spain on Tuesday, as one of the world’s top three tenors Placido – Domingo visited Real Madrid. In order to meet the annual session of the seventy of the “King of Opera” and general manager of Real Madrid president Florentino Valdano all personally. Real Madrid in the displays of the Champions League trophy in honor of nine room, Florentino also a printed “Placido,” the Real Madrid jersey No. 1 gift of Domingo.

Domingo was born in 1941, was born in Madrid, Spain, the capital, despite the age of 9 with his parents moved to Mexico, but he is every inch a Real diehard fans. In March 2002 Real Madrid teams of years built the grand ceremony, is Domingo to a new team Real Madrid Majestic Song “Hala Madrid” began. This time coincides with performances in Madrid, the king of old songs again after so many years to come to Real Madrid to renew old friendships.

It is worth mentioning that, in the Three Tenors in the world recognized, Placido Domingo is not the only one football fan. Has died of illness three years ago, although Pavarotti was born in Modena, the first Serie A giants Juventus are a big fan, and he sang “Nessun Dorma” became the 1990 World Cup in Italy theme song. Another famous tenor Jose Carreras was born in the Catalan capital Barcelona, is also very natural to become a red and blue army of fans. 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games opening ceremony, Jose Carreras and “La Luna” Sarah – Brightman duet “Forever Friends” has become a classic handed down.

September 2007, 72-year-old Pavarotti died of cancer left; Domingo in late July the same session to the retiring age, two years ago with the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games Song Zuying cooperation in the “flame of love “will likely be his swan song on the world’s largest stage. The youngest of the Three Tenors Jose Carreras is 64 years old now, as the Barcelona supporters in recent years, he witnessed the air brilliant red and blue army, I wonder if the Nou Camp have the opportunity to present a team for the heart Qu.