Does Being Labeled a Spammer Stop You From Launching an Email Marketing Campaign?


Possibly the last thing any decent internet marketer wants to happen in business is to be labeled a spammer. This one accusation, if allowed to take hold, could seriously damage your entire business. Maybe it is the fear of being wrongly accused of spamming that cause some internet marketers to shy away from embarking on an email marketing campaign for their business. This is a pity because email can be such a useful tool for any internet marketer, as long as you play by the rules.

Obviously if you decide to blast out your sales letter to multiple email addresses at random then this really is spamming and you deserve to pay a high price for this kind of marketing. However it is a whole new ball game when you send out email marketing offers only to those people who have consented to you contacting them by email.

The key point to understand is that nobody likes having their inbox filled up by unsolicited random offers but people are generally willing to be contacted by marketers who might have something they are interested in. As an internet marketer it is up to you to to get these potential buyers to ‘opt in’ to your list; this is the process where they agree to receive emails from you in return, typically, for a free report or e-book. Remember though that you won’t get someone’s precious email address for handing out just any old ebook and you will have to offer something of real value up front to gain the customer’s initial trust.

Once you have the email address you can contact the individual, secure in the knowledge that your email is not spam. However, here the clever marketer will take time to build up a relationship with the customer and not simply bombard them with one sales pitch after another right from the outset. (In fact bombarding customers with multiple sales letters is rarely ever a good idea.)

Always remember that the customer has an opportunity to unsubscribe from your list with each email they receive so it is in the internet marketer’s best interests not to upset them with too much selling from day one. As it is a requirement to include information about how members of your list can unsubscribe each time you contact them by email, don’t fall into the trap of just ignoring this line of text at the end of your emails.

An opt-in form on your main website or squeeze page is the best way of collecting email addresses and this has the added bonus of ensuring that you are only sending emails to those with at least a potential interest in your goods or services.

If you have been putting off starting an email marketing campaign up until now then you should ignore it no longer. Just limit your emails to your own customers and to those who gave you permission, up front, to contact them this way.