Do You Follow Too Many Internet Marketing Gurus?


You know who they are. Like a gas station there seems to be an internet marketing guru on every corner. We are inundated with messages that purport to lead us to riches and an escape from the 9 to 5 grind. We succumb to these well intentioned gurus only to get sucked into hours, weeks and months of wasted time with no real results. How do I know? That’s what I did, too, despite a very long and successful career outside the internet world that should have taught me better.

So let’s take a quick look at these online internet marketing gurus and what people should do instead to be on the best path to becoming successful at online internet marketing.

The Mistake – Following too many Internet Marketing Gurus (or worse yet, self proclaimed gurus.

This is a big time and money waster. Many, like me, have given hundreds or even thousands of hours, plus tens of thousands of dollars to Guru Tom, Guru Jan, guru him and guru her, and on and on. They all sound so knowledgeable and appeared very successful. We knew that if we just followed just one more guru we would find a path to success and wealth on the internet. All we really got was a lighter wallet and head spinning exhaustion. Most gurus are well intentioned and provide great content but we all fell into the multi-guru trap and they were the richer for it, not us.

What to do instead: Don’t follow a lot of gurus. Find a capable mentor or two.

We have to go back to the business plan and look closely at your monetization blueprint for success. You should be seeking out one or maybe two experienced mentors to assist you in focusing in on those areas of your blueprint that will guide you to success.

Many people start out in the beginning following a single mentor but lose focus on their blueprint and move on to the next guru, and to the next. Stick with your mentors and most importantly absorb and apply what they teach you. Knowledge and wisdom garnered from a mentor will produce zero dollars in your pocket if you do not purposely take action, and preferably immediately. This is one of the biggest things even the most experienced internet marketers forget and they pay for it with wasted time.

Put that hard earned expense of following a great mentor to work building wealth in online internet marketing.