Do I Know You? Why, If You Are Not “Famous” You Should Be


Famous (def.) Well or widely known. ( Getting famous is the one thing that all of us desire, but very few achieve. Haven’t you heard the saying that ‘it is not what you know, but WHO you know’?

There are plenty of instances where I am able to help another because that person was “referred” to me. If I was not “famous” or widely known by that person, then the service would have been provided by someone else for sure. Which brings me to my point..if you are NOT famous to a group of people in your marketing should be! If you are not making your service, position, or offer well known you are doing yourself and your business a disservice. In this era of Web 2.0 and social networking it is essential that every service provider uses social networking for their businesses.

I was on a real estate conference call and it was quoted recently that only 1% of real estate businesses use the internet and web 2.0 strategies in order to make their business “famous”. ONLY 1%! That means that 99% percent of BUSINESS owners are doing what everyone else is doing. And we ALL know that just doing the MINIMUM, never makes anyone stand out, stick out like a sore thumb or BE just plain: famous. As for you, just think if you are apart of that 1%. You will be doing what everyone else is NOT. That alone will have “famous” implications, and here is the kicker MOST of these services are absolutely FREE!

How do I get famous? You you have a Blog? What about a Twitter account? Yes, Twitter… The big one? A website… Have you done a video? You Tube is great.. there are still at least 10 other ways to become famous…I will be writing about more in the future. But will you?