Disneyland Paris 2009 – 15th Birthday Year


2009 is a great year to visit Disneyland Paris as it is the park’s 15th birthday year. It seems incredible to think that it was 15 years ago when Eurodisney first opened it doors. I can remember the excitement on my children’s face as we drove through those large entrance gates for the first time and from then on were smitten with the atmosphere and have returned numerous times.
It seems that Disney marks each 5 years with a special ‘birthday year’ they take the effort to decorate the castle and have special events throughout the year. This year the castle has a large Tinkerbell waving her magic wand.
The theme of the year is Mickey’s Magical Party with special events happening throughout the park. In the main park you have a special dance time in discovery land this is where Lilo and Stich will entertain you and get you to join in with their dancing. Minnie’s Party Train will tour through the park at specific times (Top tip is to go to County Hall and get the show times when you arrive. You may also be able to get the times when the characters will be appearing around the park). Mickey has a party for you to join on the central Plaza and the main parade has been changed for the celebration.
Walt Disney Studios also has a special ‘Stars and Cars’ parade for the celebrations and it is a great opportunity to see all the characters and some fantastic cars. It is often easier to get a better view in the studios as this park tends to be quieter.
The Rides are also great this year with the recent opening in the studios of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Crushes Coaster. It is good to see that Disney are committed to improving and adding to the park.
So 2009 could be a good time for you to plan your visit to Disneyland Paris as there are certainly some events that you won’t get the chance to see at any other time.