Dish Network Packages Which One Is Yours?

.tags Are you tired of watching the same soaps and shows? Do you want to spice up your palette and redefine the entertainment quotient in your own terms? If you qualify for any one of these two conditions then there is some good news for you. Now you can heave a sigh of relief with DISH Network Packages.

DISH Network, one of the leading Satellite TV providers in the United States has now become a household name. Ever since its inception there has been a constant up gradation of the DISH channels with the effect that they have become immensely popular with their subscribers.

With the increasing popularity of the Satellite TV packages, DISH Network has successfully carved out a name for itself. You will literally find anything and everything in DISH Network packages. In fact there are numerous DISH packages. It all depends on you to choose your favorite DISH TV packages and enjoy watching. Digital TV packages under DISH TV programming cannot get better than this.

Given below is the list of the satellite TV packages offered by the DISH Network channels:-

1.English Packages
2.HD Packages
3.Local Channels
4.Latino Packages
5.International Packages
6.Sports Packages
7.Premium Movies
9.Video on Demand
10.Internet and Phone
11.Other Packages

DISH Network English Packages:

Americas Top 120: Americas Top 120 is one of the most popular packages offered by DISH Network. You can get this package at a regular price of $ 39.99/mo for 1 year. However, at present you can avail of this package at a special price of just $ 24.99/mo for 1 year (with agreement). Apart from this, you can also add other channels of your choice to this package. In this, you will get the HBO package which has 9 different channels. In addition to these, you will also get Showtime which has 10 channels, Starz its 8 channels and Cinemax with its 5 channels. Besides, you can also choose from 5 different packages with a total of more than 120 channels.

Americas Top 120+: Americas Top 120+ package is similar to Americas Top 120. You can get this at a special price of $ 29.99/mo for 1 year (with agreement). However, in addition to the 120 channels, you will also get the local Sports Networks. Just add HD free for lifetime along with your favorite channels and enjoy watching Satellite TV programming of DISH packages.

Americas Top 200: Americas Top 200 is another important package which has more than 220 channels to its credit. You can get this package by just paying a nominal price of $ 39.99/mo. You can also get DISH Network add on channels. The Satellite TV channels include Outdoor Channel, Baby First TV and Sportsman Channel.

Americas Top 250: This package provides you with more than 260 digital channels along with Americas Top 200 satellite programming. Price of this pack is $ 49.99/mo for 1 year. Apart from these, you can also subscribe for the other channels that are mentioned above including movie and sports channels.

Americas Everything Pak: This is by far the most economical digital satellite channel package offered by the DISH Network. Get an entirely new dimension to entertainment with over 295 digital satellite channels at your disposal. It includes 31 premium movie channels. Grab this package today for just $ 84.99/mo for 1 year (regular price). Special price is $ 99.99/mo for 1 year (with agreement).

Kindly note that the special promotional price includes $ 15 off/mo for 1 year. However, terms and conditions are applicable.