DISH Network International Package – Watch Korean programs on DISH TV


The Asian Ethnic groups have consistently increased in America over the last few decades. In fact, Asian Americans are the fastest growing groups among other racial groups in terms of percentage in the United States. So, we see that a lot of people from around the world have settled in America for years now. Though they have completely owned the habits, culture and lifestyle of Americans, but sometimes they may feel home sick. Considering the pangs of these people staying thousands of miles away from their motherland, DISH Network thought of bringing them a little closer to their homeland by offering them a few of the channels so that they can watch programs in their language. The International package of DISH is unique in itself.  
Korean programming can be enjoyed on a number of channels delivered by DISH Network on your television sets. It has really offered a great opportunity to these ethnic groups in America to stay close to their country through these programs. They can rejoice in the culture festivity and celebration of their native place by watching them on television through the medium of these programs.

The special Korean Tiger Pack has integrated all the seven Korean channels together to offer you the excitement of Korea at its best. You can check out the list of channels and their channels numbers here.
BTN 658
JSTV 668  
KBS WORLD   9850
WOW-TV 661  

Arirang TV began its operations since 2001 and has continued to offer its amazing services over the years. It shows news and other entertaining programs directly coming from Korea. A Korean Christian channel is JSTV, which airs news programs, programs related to music, amusement and other religious topics. The channel is highly focused on Christian society. WOW-TV shows latest updates on economy and stock market of Korea, as well as from other countries across the world.

Ongamenet or as commonly known as ONGME on DISH Network provides exclusive coverage of competitive events and sports. The Golf Channel is also dedicated to golf and delivers every event, competition related to this sport. Besides, BTN on DISH is a Buddhist channel, which shows religious programs like yoga, meditation and various methods of healing.  Yogic documentaries and Zen meditation are its highlights. In addition, it also airs programs on teaching methods put down by various masters of the Far East. Comedy shows, sitcoms and latest updates can be watched on KBS World.

No doubt, it is an extremely wonderful initiative on the part of the DISH to offer such international packages, where people can watch more than 200 channels in 28 foreign languages, which includes Korean as well. However, in order to qualify for the subscription of International package, you will have to subscribe to any of the basic core package provided by DISH satellite TV, which includes America’s Top, Dish AMERICA, Dish LATINO, or an International Core package. So, get the subscription of DISH Network right away!