DISH Network HD DVR Receivers for Best Performance


Bring DISH Network to your home, the leading Satellite TV provider in the United States and enjoy the ultimate experience of HD on your TV. This means that now you can sit back at your home and enjoy a complete package of entertainment whenever you want. Paint your week with your favorite package and enjoy watching digital programming with excellent picture quality and clarity. Nothing can get better than this.

Raise the bar of your entertainment gradient and redefine the dimensions of it. DISH Network is indeed your one stop destination when it comes to entertainment programming in the digital way. These DVRs give you the opportunity to surf your favorite DISH channels as often as you like. Get the best DISH TV offers and grab the latest DISH HD.

Given below are few of the standard DISH HD Receivers. Check out which one you have and enjoy watching the DISH Channels with exclusive digital satellite programming.

ViP 922 Sling Loaded DVR: You can connect this DVR to a single HD TV and enjoy watching. Please note that Terms & Conditions are applicable as and when required.


1)  Now you can watch a show and simultaneously record another or even record two shows while watching a pre-recorded one in 1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Isn’t that a great news to celebrate?
2)  This DVR gives you the option to pause, record and playback TV while watching both HD and SD programs.
3)  Supports 1 HD TV with remote control.
4)  Display Resolutions include 480p, 480i, 720p and 1080i.
5)  It supports Videos on Demand (VOD) and On Screen caller ID with history.


Dimensions: 3.5″ Hx16″ Wx12.5″ D
Weight: 11 lbs
Color: Black

Duo DVR 625: This is a Standard Definition Receiver for 2 TVs.


1)  One of its most striking features about this DVR is that it enables you to watch TV in two different rooms or even simultaneously watch as well as record on different TVs.
2)  Pause, record and playback TV whenever you want.
3)  250 GB HDD.
4)  Order VOD’s with PIP (Picture-In-Picture).
5)  On-Screen caller ID with history (optional).


Size: 3.5″ Hx16″ Wx13″ D.
Weight: 11 lbs
Color: Black Matte in combination with silver buttons.

Terms & Conditions are applicable when required.

You can also check out the following models:

Duo DVR ViP 722K: Check this model which you can connect 1HD and 1SD. It also supports independent viewing in separate TV’s and record in a 500 GB HDD.

Solo DVR ViP 612: This is a built-in DVR that enables you to watch and record simultaneously anything you want.

Solo DVR 512 (SD/DVR): This is a dual tuner SD DVR for a single TV. Here also, you can watch and record shows simultaneously.