Discovering Malaga and its Surroundings


One of the more popular tourist destinations has to be Malaga; it lies squarely on the Costa del Sol with its beautiful and vast offering of sand and sun.

This Costa del Sol area has been a favorite summer holiday resort by English vacationers. This place is congested with many Brits and Europeans who want to get away from the cold winter in their own homeland and head for the sun and sand in idyllic Spain.

Entry Port
Malaga serves as the first port of entry to Costa del Sol; it is Andalucia’s main coastal city. It retains much of its original charm and culture despite its growing tourism. Malaga welcomes tourists who fly in through its airport to many of its beautiful and traditional resorts such as Torremilinos, Puerto Banus and Fuengirola. But its function is more than a mere stopover or terminus for the many tourists to Spain; Malaga will be a splendid treat for the fun-seeking traveler who will find this vibrant city a wonderful historical site that is rich in culture and legacies. It offers much Moorish presence that can be easily identified.

Places of Attraction

Malaga boasts being the home of Picasso, the world-renowned artist whose famous masterpieces are everywhere in this city. There are also many tastefully set up cultural points around the city for the tourists to browse and enjoy.

The beautiful surrounding landscape of Andalucia is already a treat in itself, besides Malaga.  This is the region that has the greatest Moorish influence that is easily felt and seen in its architecture around the city. Visitors will have no problem traveling around Malaga and its surrounding regions by car as there are many car hire companies in Malaga.

On the east side of Costa del Sol, one can enjoy the amazing view of the cliffs where they form the coastal roads. This is where you will view the looming Sierra Almijara meeting the Mediterranean Sea that makes your drive through such a memorable experience. The natural landscapes are indeed a stunning sight to behold. Going east to Granada, you will find a magnificent city worth visiting which would be even more enjoyable with a self-drive tour. Like Malaga, Granada has the impressive Alhambra to form lovely natural sights, albeit there are tourist activities all around it. Granada is full of narrow cobbled streets that are part of the Moorish influence.

Other areas

Seville, being Andalucia’s capital, is very cosmopolitan. It is located at the north of Malaga but its drive is less favorable than Granada’s. Seville is the fourth biggest city in Spain that offers all the expected grandeur of a big European city. There is a lot of Moorish architecture and a huge cathedral which is renowned as one of the biggest in Europe. The Alcazar Palace of Mudejar influence lies here. It is an impressive piece of architecture.