Discovering Jimena And Its Surroundings

{flickr|100|campaign} JIMENA DE LA FRONTERA is more like an open hill town which lies 20 kilometers north of another town, Castellar de la Frontera. It is quite a big town with a majestic Moorish castle that boasts of a triple gateway for its entrance.

Around Jimena
Outside of Jimena town, there lies Gaucin, which is about 23 kilometers away that you can reach by the highway or on foot which is a 16 kilometer climb. The path to Gaucin runs through a string of beautiful cork oak woods and olive groves before reaching the quaint mountain village, which commands majestic views to as far away as Gibraltar as well as the coast of Morocco on a clear day. It is a neat little place for a stop-over as there are plenty of boarding and food choices to satiate your appetite.

The little town is even equipped with a small gas station; there is the Nacional, a quaint little restaurant that serves simple foods, which was established 125 years ago with plenty of history.

Journey to Jimena

There are several ways to reach Jimena; by bus or by train. The latter will require a walk of 13 kilometers before reaching the village, although it is more of an uphill climb. However, there is a place to rest near the train station before taking the hike which serves food and drinks.

Bars are available for ones refreshing after reaching this region. But if you want to take a rain-check on the hike, there is always the taxi ride for your convenience. The hike is an adventure in itself as it passes through the nature reserve of Corts.

The train journey from Ronda to Gaucn is also another lovely way to view the countryside lined with splatters of charming small villages. You can stop off at a particular station, Benaojn-Montejaque, to trek an hour before reaching the very ancient Cueva de la Pileta.

Food, Stay and Bars

There is no difficulty in getting a good place to stay around Jimena as there are everything from budget-friendly choices to up-market hotels complete with restaurants and swimming pools located on their rooftops. Bars are also in abundance with small restaurants called fonda which locals recommend. There is a hostel right at the train station which may be a bit out of the way from the town. The Restaurante-Bar Cuenca is one of the best restaurants that serve delicious tapas and hearty meals at a charming terrace patio in the backyard.