Discover the Exceptional Experience of Helicopter Skiing and Helicopter Boarding

.tags Helicopter skiing or heli skiing defines an adrenaline pumping form of skiing done in remote, specially picked out locations, without the effort and gear typically required for skiing in such areas the traditional way. Instead of using regular (and often dull) ski lifts to access the skiing terrain, dedicated operators offer skiers the chance to do so riding in style aboard mountain helicopters. Very similar to heli skiing in terms of format and available skiing areas, heli boarding guarantees an equally exciting adventure, with the only difference that it is dedicated exclusively to fans of snowboarding.

Helicopter skiing came into existence in the 60’s and has evolved continuously ever since. Both heli skiing and heli boarding are very popular these days, attracting winter sports enthusiasts seeking the thrill and excitement of long descents and boundless powder. Immaculate, champagne-like powder snow, steep slopes, sinuous trails and breathtaking panoramas round up the unique experience of helicopter skiing / boarding.

The terrain used for practicing heli skiing and heli boarding is very diverse. Depending on the predominant features of a region’s landscape, skier and boarders’ playground can vary from abrupt chutes to tree runs, as well as from imposing glaciers to wide mountain bowls. For instance, Alaska is renowned for its glaciated peaks, while Canada, with its vast forested areas, is mainly popular for its challenging tree runs.

Typical runs span on approximately 2500 feet or 800 meters, although occasionally operators may take customers at staggering altitudes of over 10,000 feet or 3300 meters. Added to the untamed skiing scenery, the multitude of obstacles to negotiate and the thrill of the helicopter rides, the impressively high altitudes reached render helicopter-accessed skiing and boarding the perfect option for daredevils in search of the ultimate winter sports adventure.

In Canada, specifically in the province of BC, the typical helicopter skiing/ boarding trip involves at least a couple of quality helicopter rides per day. While some heli skiing BC Canada operators take their customers to a landing zone located in close proximity to the ski runs, others drop the groups off at the very starting point of a planned descent.

Once the helicopter has cleared the landing place, the mountain guides can begin to assess the overall snow conditions and evaluate the risk of avalanches at the time, to minimize the chance of accidents and to ensure a smooth skiing or boarding experience. Depending on the state of the snow, skiers may be instructed to begin their decent in a compact formation or one after another, following the lead of one guide while another guide keeps an eye on the group’s tail. Despite the harsh conditions for skiing and boarding in Canadian alpine territory, most trips of the kind are made remarkably safe thanks to the efforts of dedicated heli skiing BC Canada companies.

While there are numerous places in the world that can accommodate a genuine helicopter skiing or heli boarding adventure, British Columbia, Canada is currently perceived as the undisputed leader in delivering such services, as it successfully blends the natural variety of its terrain and optimum weather and snow conditions with exciting trips offered by competitive and modern operators.

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