Discover The Best Attractions In Toronto

{flickr|100|campaign} In order to discover the best atractions in Toronto, one must get there first. In order to get you there, you can drive if you are local or you can fly in to one of the two airports. Toronto has the Pearson airport, mostly for international flights however it also accomodates local flights as well. There is also the Toronto Island airport located near the train station.

Toronto offers a great shopping experience mostly at the Eaton Centre as well as great dining experiences. As well, Toronto has botanical gardens and a couple of insectoriums. However, over and above that, there is also the Canada Wonderland, where one can go on different rides, including bumper cars, flight simulators, driving simulators and space travel simulators.

On the North side of Toronto, you can experience go karts by participating in real go karts races. This is a fun and exciting experience one has to discover. The go karts are safe and secure and rarely is there an accident where bodily harm is involved. Toronto also offers various and varied video arcades for all tastes. The arcades are usually extremely busy so you may have to walk in and wait for the arcade of your choice to become available. Toronto offers the standard video games as well as some that one can rarely see anywhere else. Most arcades are open 18 hours a day. Again, Toronto Wonderland also has its own specialized video arcades and arcade games.

As for the bumper cars, one would expect it to be for children up to 16 years of age however, to discover the best attractions in Toronto where bumper cars are concerned, Wonderland offers bumper cars for adults. You can get an experience of a lifetime on their magnetic bumper cars (as opposed to those with a line that reaches the ceiling to get their electricity to power them).

The bumper cars have a much larger area to ride in where a no holds barred applies. Like bumper cars for children, they also have all the security devices for your protection. These bumper cars offer an experience like no other. After all, they are made for adults of all ages and are safe.

Younge (pronounced Young) street has its own video arcades offering a variety of video and arcade games. Some are like coffee houses where you can sit at a coffee bar until your game becomes available.

Like all video and arcade games outlets, it is quite noisy in there, as it should be, as the noise is what seems to stimulate people to play. One can compete with other players and points are carried forward and there are sometimes prizes to be won over and above a free game. All arcades and video games are kept up to date with the most recent games available on the market.

As for simulators, to discover the best attractions in Toronto where those are concerned, let us take for example the driving simulator. Some are awesome in that they offer winter driving simulators which are exceptionally good for those travellers who live in a snow-free zone of the globe. One will slip and slide on wintery roads, get into car crashes or end up in a snowbank where you have to get out of by yourself. One can truly feel the nerve wracking experience of northern driving conditions.