Discover Karnataka’s Lakelands Along The Captivating Kerala Backwaters

.tags Often called the Asian equivalent of the American Bayou, the Kerala backwaters are an expansive network of intricate waterways that include five lakes, forty rivers and a host of canals that span half the length of its home state. Stretching across over 900km the labyrinth of lakes, rivers, inlets and creeks form a truly magnificent eco system and environment that is dark, deep and simultaneously mysterious. Explored via house boat or cruise the Kerala Backwaters are a unique attraction in Karnataka that combines the wonder of the elaborate water networks with the captivating attributes of the villages and cities on its borders.

The principle backwater regions in Kerala include Kollam which was frequented by the likes of Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta in ancient times. As the starting point of the backwater water network this age old trade centre boasts a large freshwater lake and the Thangasseri Fort as well as scenic water routes lined with water lilies and brimming lotuses. Alappuzha is another tourist hotspot along the backwaters due to its close resemblance to Venetian canals. Pathiramanal Island, colonial structures and Vembanad Kayal are just some of the highlights at the locale which also hosts snake boat races annually. Kuttanad is a region that is littered with emerald shaded paddy fields crisscrossed by lakes, rivulets, rivers and canals while Kumarakom is a collection of small islets flanked by alluring blue backwaters. Perfect for house boat cruises this area is also home to several resorts while other points of interest nearby include the bird sanctuary and the Srinivas. Kasargod is a northern Kerala backwater hotspot renowned as the home of Chandragiri fort and an impressive collection of winged creatures that occupy its luscious landscapes complete with the four rivers and several islets.

Canoeing through the Thiruvallam backwaters is the best way to explore this quarter of the Kerala backwaters which also boasts a floating bridge and a waterfront park in addition to water sports amenities. Kozhikode on the other hand is one of the least explored sections of the backwaters although the Korapuzha Jalotsavam water sport hub and the Kallayi River are ideal boating and cruising venues.

Munroe island is a collective 8 small islands zigzagged by a myriad of canals and channels that have attracted a host of migratory birds from across the globes. Visitors can expect to see paddy birds, kingfishers, crow pheasants and woodpeckers along his enclave in addition to many curious egret bee-eaters.

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