Discover Historical Medan


Contrary to popular belief, Medan history is eventful and filled with several interesting instances that have helped shape the course of the city we see today. Prior to the building of several 5 star hotels in Medan, this Indonesian city was once a part of the Deli Sultanate. Early in the 1590s, Medan was merely a village which went by the name of Kampung Medan founded by Guru Patimpus. Its name is believed to have been derived from the name of a holy city in Saudi Arabia that goes by the name Medina. It could also be a derivative of the Indian word “Maidan” which stands for ground or field.

Medan has been a significant part of Indonesian economy as it has served as a trading center and crucial harbor for the region. With nearly 2 million people residing in Medan, it is now a well known tourist spot with several luxurious 5 star hotels in Medan and comfortable, pocket friendly 3 star hotels in Medan. The Grand Mosque or the Mesjid Besar is like the city’s commercial area with most of the 5 star hotels in Medan along with 3 star hotels in Medan situated here.

Take on a Sightseeing Spree

After checking into one of the several 5 star hotels in Medan, you should get yourself a local tour book for a list of places you must visit during your stay. You can start off with the Grand Mosque which happens to be the largest mosque in Indonesia, built in its unique Moorish style more than a century ago. Remember to inquire about the traditions to be kept in mind while dressing up for a visit to the mosque. Within the same area is the Maimoon Palace which was built even before the mosque. The Military Museum which holds some of the weapons and cannons used in the War of Independence can be an amusing treat to all war enthusiasts.

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