Direct Marketing – The Basics


Direct marketing is a very recent trend for most businesses. However, there are a still a lot of people out there who still does not know what it is, what it’s for and how can it help your business. I prepared some basic FAQs about it for your convenience.

FAQ #1: What is direct marketing, anyway?

It takes place when you initiate contact with your current and potential customers through unsolicited means-email. phone call, text message, etc.-whose primary motive is to increase sales and raise awareness of other people on your products.

Most businesses favor direct marketing because it is, by far, one of the most cost efficient way of marketing. Direct marketing reaches a wider customer base than any other methods while minimizing cost.

FAQ #2: How do businesses contact their customer when they perform direct marketing?

There are two types of customers: existing and new customers. Contacting your existing customers is fairly easy because you don’t have to find their customer contact information because you have all these information in your database. Your client database is your most valuable resources for direct marketing schemes. For a more efficient customer database, your database should always include:

Your customer’s ordering behavior – when are they more likely to order your products or subscribe to your services, how much they are paying, the interval of orders and how often to they purchase.

Your customer’s buying behavior – what types of goods are often bought, how much are being bought and your customer’s value

Contact details – these are personal details pertaining to your customer which includes your customer’s post code, type of area, age, gender and other details about their lifestyle or socio-economic status.

If you are aware of your customer’s personal details, then you can devise a marketing campaign which can be very effective in promoting your business. Using the right technology and method, you will be able to reach and recruit more customers.

FAQ #3: What methods are being employed in direct marketing?

There are various methods involved in direct marketing which may include one or more of the following:

1. Direct mail. In this method, you are sending information about your products and services straight into the mailbox of the people who might be interested on that you are offering. While most people do not even bother opening these mail/advertisements, it is still considered as the most effective means of direct marketing.

2. Fax marketing. With the recent advancements in faxing technology, people are now able to send and receive fax messages simultaneously and in bulk through online fax. Since most businesses have websites and online fax uses the internet to communicate, it can send fax messages to hundreds of people with just one click of a button.

3. Email marketing – if direct mail is the most effective, email marketing is cheapest form of direct marketing.


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