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.tags HC Network: Open the course of hi-dimensional and your personal experience?
Lin Bingchun: Open-dimensional growth of hi conglomerates history can be said that the history of my personal growth. The growth of enterprises have led me to personal growth, personal growth and I also affected the growth of enterprises.

Open hi-dimensional predecessor dates back to 1984 should be. I graduated from school in the spring breeze blowing through the positive reforms ou Peking University, in the spring breeze of reform and encouragement, I decided to participate in the valve business, then established the first professional production Oubei pressure reducing valve?? By Oubei pressure valve plant. Because products sell well in line with market demand, initial victory, the rapid economic upgrading primitive accumulation of capital has intensified. Into the 90’s after a certain financial strength based on the enterprise must Societe Generale on product positioning and brand new to consider and breakthrough. I have done in the detailed market survey, repeated demonstration of the conditions, the decision to keep the premise of valve production, expand production, resolutely decided to introduce the first time in the company the United States, Israel, Germany and other foreign energy, automation, high-tech The hydraulic control line high-tech products to meet the domestic water line valve market, municipal construction, water supply and drainage needs of users. As companies expand production, 94 year factory gate valve Oubei Yongjia marked a change valve factory, set up their own “standard of a” brand. With the development and production and operation situation, all aspects of business improvement and construction of economic efficiency of enterprises along with the strength has greatly improved and strengthened. Yongjia 2003 marked a valve plant promoted by the declaration of approval of Standard Valve Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, carried out at the same time in Lishui, clouds and the formation of the plan and the implementation of the company.

2003 based Enterprise Development report to the SAIC set up to open the valve dimension hi Group Co., Ltd., then the approval by the State Industry and Commerce Bureau, open the valve dimension hi group to be established, and established a “KVC” brand . From this group on this piece of fertile land, Oubei flowering, fruiting, greater achievements.

In short, the opening of each Victoria hi group process grow each time, are permeated with me and all the hard work of staff. Group’s growth is I know the market, subject to market, to the control of the market application market, hard to learn and practice the process of growth. Group’s growth is my personal values and outlook on life and contribution to the specific market performance. In short, hard, no gain only glorious struggle.

HC Network: Why choose Shanghai to open hi-dimensional, based on what considerations?
Lin Bingchun: Shanghai as an international metropolis, its technology, information, finance, trade, and so has always been dominant at home, there are many places worth our learning, coupled with government investment preferential policies and good investment environment, are able to attract more investors, Wenzhou valve business in general is also based on this idea, what caused the other greater consideration, we do not know.

Our company in addition to the above factors into account, we have one such plan, “Zhuchaoyinfeng.” We would like to in the near future, the introduction of foreign valve manufacturers (six major valve manufacturer in Japan) to join our company, by foreign franchisees provide technology, products, the holding company under the premise of manufacturing, thereby improving the company grade, to meet the domestic enterprises to foreign demand for high quality valves, open a road to the National Assembly into. Foreign exchange savings for the state while increasing the company’s economic and social benefits.