Detroit’s Big 3 Enter a Hiring Cycle


The light is shining a bit brighter at the end of the tunnel.  Detroit’s big 3 automakers have made a move that will probably bring tears of joy to the eyes of many out of work auto workers.  Car companies are hiring. That’s right, the big three are looking for talent acquisition to compete in the post recovery economy. As the global auto industry battles it out over new features and cutting edge engine technology, Detroit Car manufacturers are heading the call and picking up their swords.  Given the symbolic impact of this post-recession revelation, what do these new job openings mean for Detroit?

Calling all engineers, get it while it’s hot.  Technology is a key competitive asset in the globalized auto industry and automakers are bulking up on human capital.  Engineering roles geared towards the exploration and advancement of new engine technology, battery storage capacity and improvement material science are about to get a major boost in Motown.  As the green movement alters the trajectory of American car demand, the major American auto manufacturers are taking note.  Electric cars and hybrid vehicles are hitting the market in unprecedented numbers and the car companies require the engineering man power to keep up with the competition. Some experts estimate over two thousand new openings will materialize with an emphasis on engineering roles.

Given the sheer number of roles, how will the companies structure the new positions?  With the recession looming in the rear view mirror it is easy for any company to be leery about future demand.  This notion holds particularly true for the auto industry. Companies indicate that that over fifty percent of the new roles will be full-time payroll positions with the remaining balanced signed on as contractors with the potential to move onto the payroll.  This risk management move should in no way take away from the great news that Detroit is on the move once again.

With the auto manufacturers issuing new time cards the parts suppliers are sure to follow suite to keep up with increased demand.  From an economic standpoint the big car companies are initiating a potential economic windfall that could effectively spur hiring across many companies working within the industry.  Engineers and skill workers may be on the brink of seeing the lights turn back on in the industrial sector.  With the recent announcement, those worker currently out of jobs have a solid nugget of hope to stick in their back pockets and hold on to.

From the auto companies’ standpoints the upside-down job market could translate into an opportunity for cherry picking some of the best and brightest engineers.  As the new jobs hit the market each company can expect a groundswell of new applicants with a variety of expertise.  To help edge out the competition each company will turn to applicant tracking technology to help select and process high demand candidates into the newly available roles.  While the initial roles will be very technically oriented, skill worker can expect addition manufacturing roles to open as the new designs hit factory production.

While the worm hasn’t quite turned yet, turnarounds in the auto industry could signify an even larger overall recovery.  Perhaps the industry that led us into the recession can gear up and lead us out.  Keep your eye on Detroit and look out for “Made in America”, the big three are on the move again.